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Caharacter Analysis Jay Gatsby

... claims that he is going to “fix everything just the way it was before” (Fitzgerald 117). In a a conversation with Nick, Gatsby discusses how the past can be repeated and how he wants the relationship that he once had with Daisy (Fitzgerald 116). Secondly, Gatsby attempts to exemplify his wealth through fancy cars and stylish clothing. Gatsby shows his clothing to Daisy and informs her that he has a “man in England” who buys his clothes every season (Fitzgerald 97). Illustrating his wealth, Gatsby drives a Rolls Royce that “was a ...

Number of words: 786 | Number of pages: 3

Comparative Essay On The Lord

... in a new light. Magic is a form of extraordinary power seemingly through a supernatural force; it is used in a combination of combat and mystical items to aid the companions on their journey. Retribution is paid to the evil forces for the wrongs society had to endure while they were allowed to dominate. This system allows opportunity for physical and mental development in the characters and the aspect of fantasy to come to life. During the character’s quest, weather they were headed to the Lonely Mountains or to the Cracks of Doom, they ...

Number of words: 2099 | Number of pages: 8

William Faulkner's Absalom

... Absalom offers a strong condemnation of the mores and morals of the South. Faulkner's strong condemnation of the values of the South emanates from the actual story of the Sutpen family whose history must be seen as connected to the history of the South (Bloom 74). Quentin tells this story in response to a Northerner's question: "What is the South like?" As the novel progresses, Quentin is explaining the story of the Sutpen myth and revealing it to the reader. Faulkner says that the duty of an author, as an artist, is to depict the hu ...

Number of words: 1288 | Number of pages: 5

Materialism And The Great Gatsby

... lead us to think that we need material possessions to be happy. Money can have many effects on people and society but money cannot buy happiness. The 1920's were an age of a consumer boom that was needed to keep up with the new materials and goods that came from production lines after World War I. The same beliefs and standards still exist today. Materialistic attitudes are a result of the free-market economy in this country. Consumers are led to believe they need to have all the things that businesses are trying to sell and it is this de ...

Number of words: 744 | Number of pages: 3

Lord Of The Flies 2

... Ralph until they are forced to join the hunters. Their main job is to watch the signal fire. The littluns: The littluns are basically the younger boys and ride the bandwagon. The two boys Ralph and Piggy meet each other in a thick jungle and discover that they crashed in an airplane and are stranded. They also learn that there are no adults present on the island and that none of the adults survived the crash. As they approach a beach, they find an enormous conch shell. Piggy gives the conch a little toot and summons the rest of the boys on the ...

Number of words: 1225 | Number of pages: 5

The Physicists

... enter the play when many men are in the saloon. It is the place of a tragedy as Mr Ernesti has strangled a nurse. Mr. Beutler has also killed a nurse a couple of months ago. The inspector is slightly annoyed because he has to visit Les Cerisiers the second time during a short period of time and because he can’t speak to or take away the murderer . He is also expressing the wish of the public prosecutor that the sanatorium has to be taken over by male nurses because of the two murders by the two physicists. During the course of the play the ...

Number of words: 815 | Number of pages: 3

Animal Farm: Utopia

... is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plow, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals. (p.19) This speech gets all the animals riled up and sends the toughts of getting rid of man. Old Major then teaches them the song the Beasts of England which teaches them the "great" life without man and with no more bad leaders: Beasts of England, beasts of Ireland, Beasts of every land and clime, Hearken ...

Number of words: 1091 | Number of pages: 4

Rebecca By Daphne Du Maurier

... cope with the many responsibilities and expectations imposed on her as the wife of the famous Maxim De Winter. This experience changes her into a worldly, more confident woman, but however this is a gradual development. For example, early in the novel, the narrator has unrealistic romantic fantasies of her and Maxim. However, after Maxim's blasé marriage proposal the reality of the situation begins to dawn on her : 'And he went on eating his marmalade as though everything were natural. In books men knelt to women, and it was moonlight. ...

Number of words: 749 | Number of pages: 3

A Civil Action?

... every day on the grounds behind the building. The workers had lied to cover up the crimes of their employers and to prevent themselves from being fired. In doing so, however, they risk imprisonment for treason. This shows the great amount of authority their employers had over them. This authority causes a hindrance for Schlictmann in his attempt to find evidence against the companies. Later, Schlictmann himself falls victim to authority, and it causes severe problems for him and his team. Charlie Nesson's arrival at Schlictmann, Conw ...

Number of words: 683 | Number of pages: 3

A Review: The Day Of The Jackal

... group hears of the failed attacks, the reader can feel his frustration and hatred towards the French government. When Jean-Marie Bastien is vigorously preparing for the first assault on de Gualle, the reader can sense the tension in the air and the feeling of accomplishment when Bastien says, "That's it! One hundred and fifty bullets will have passed through the presidential car by the time it comes abreast of the van. By God we've got it." All this points to Fredrick Forsyth's amazing mood setting talent in this novel. The reader feels at o ...

Number of words: 495 | Number of pages: 2

Jane Eyre

... End. Jane's search begins at Gateshead, during her struggle under the oppressive rule of Mrs. Reed. She explains that she is discriminated against by the household members, and is exempted from activities. The lack of love she recieves leads her to feel lost and uncared for. She finds a glimmer of undersanding and care from Bessie, who pities her unfortunate situation. On her arrival at Lowood, she again finds herself lonely and unwanted. The cold weather and meager meals damper her hopes of renewing her life and feeling wanted. But her conti ...

Number of words: 641 | Number of pages: 3

1984: Duty Or Desire

... In the book '1984' by George Ordeal, Winston has true inner love for Julia yet in the end the torture by Obrien forces him to love Big brother over Julia . In the beginning of the story we see Winston as a terrified person. He is living in a society that he doesn't agree to. He is a protagonist and the society that he lives in is ruled by the Big brother who is an antagonist. He works as a minor member of the ruling Party in London, under the leadership of the all-seeing and all-powerful Big Brother. The big brother's eyes are following ...

Number of words: 1313 | Number of pages: 5

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