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Chemistry Investigation

... an increase in temperature leads to an increase in reactant rate. Generally, as the temperature is increased, the particles get more energy, so they bump into one another more, therefore speeding up the reaction time. This is called the collision theory, which I will discuss in greater depth later.  Whether or not there is a catalyst. A catalyst speeds up the rate of reaction and remains chemically unchanged by the end of the experiment. A catalyst lowers the activation energy. This is the energy needed to start a reactio ...

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... low pressure center is prevented. The spiraling winds then form a vertical cylinder extending upward for several miles. Most originate within the doldrums and travel across the warm ocean waters while building up energy and strength. After they hit land they begin to lose speed and die off due to friction. In the Northern Hemisphere usually travel first in a northwestern direction and in the higher latitudes turn toward the northeast. In the Southern Hemisphere the usual path of a hurricane is first to the southwest and then turning ...

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... has made to the economy has already created a whole new economic sector, the life sciences. technology is developing so rapidly that it appears to be on course to overwhelm current knowledge bases and research and development budgets. To compensate for this some of the world’s largest companies are working out the details for gigantic megamergers. Some of the recent mergers are an example of the things to come. Two pharmaceutical companies, Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy, merged to create a new company, Novartis. The largest pharmaceutical me ...

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Preserve The Forests

... survival of the fittest issue; it represents the direction of our only planet. In order to preserve the beauty of this planet, we must cease the clear- cutting of forests. All old growth forests have been around for multiple centuries and are cut down daily in a matter of hours in order to produce more buildings and houses in this already over-crowded world. If the rate at which we cut down trees is continued without any regulation, the forests will all be gone in ten years, so we should do mankind a favor and try to preserve what is lef ...

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Global Warming -.

... gases as a key tenet of the treaty. The president's position is based on the idea that global warming is real and that it is caused by human activity. Further, it presupposes that the potential damage caused by global warming would greatly outweigh the damage caused to the economy by severely restricting energy use. Finally, his position assumes that the agreement will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and will prevent global warming. Science Is global warming occurring? - According to Accu-Weather, the world's leadin ...

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... up to 4.7 gigabytes of storage. Its capacity is over six times that of a CD and the reason for this is that data is written to DVD with a smaller laser than a CD, which makes it possible to store data more efficiently. The storage capacity of DVD is so great that over 95% of all feature length films can be stored with room to spare, and also fast data access enables you to read from DVD the same as a hard-disk drive. The best thing of all about the DVD-ROM drive is the fact that it is backward compatible with standard CD-ROM and CD audi ...

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Life On Other Planets?

... given enough time and the right kind of environment, of the basic physical and chemical laws of the universe (Chandler, 3). It is clear to present day scientists that the possibility of life flourishing in outer space relies on favorable conditions or environments within a given area in a solar system. There is even some present day proof that life can flourish in some not so favorable environments as found with the development of algae on many of Earth's deep sea thermal vents, as well as bacteria that ...

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... mass, m, of the cathode-ray particles. He found e/m identical to those particles irrespective of the metal the electrodes were made of or the kind of gas in the tube. In 1909, RA Millikan, an American scientist, measured that charge. All electrons are found to be identical no matter their source or the method of liberating them from matter. From the values of e/m, and e, the mass of an electron was calculated to be .00055 amu. PROTON- Eugeen Goldstein used a Crookes tube with holes in the cathode, and observed that another kind of ray w ...

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Awakenings And Tourette

... the movie begins, they show Leonard to us as a normal and seemingly healthy ten year old boy who is afflicted with the "sleeping sickness" disease that reached epidemic proportions during that specific era. Like many others who contracted this illness, Leonard and those like him were often misdiagnosed and eventually placed in mental hospital facilities because of their apparent vegetative state. Doctors who worked on the earlier cases believed the patients mental faculties to have been destroyed by the illness. Dr. Sayer (Dr. Oliver S ...

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Genetic Cloning And Nuclear Fusion

... in restricted means of distinguishing forms of cloning using safe and well-tested means. Research on human embryos has been minimal over the past few years because of the lack of money from the government to perform sophisticated experiments in this area. “In the 1980's and early 90's this research was banned by both the Ronald Reagan and Bush administrations due to pressure from the pro-life factions of the Republican party.” The societal issue addressed is expressed from all point of views, and the following will further stren ...

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Analytical Chemistry

... This process involves a wide variety of tests. Ideally, the tests should be simple, direct, and easily performed with available instruments and chemicals. Test results may be an instrument reading, and observation of a physical property, or a chemical reaction. Reactions used in qualitative analysis may attempt to cause a characteristic color, odor, precipitate, or gas appear. Identification of an unknown substance is accomplished when a known one is found with identical properties. If none is found, the uknown substance must be a n ...

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... experience disconnected from the external world.. The senses of touch, taste, smell, and pain are not commonly experienced. Emotions are felt, but usually a single, powerful emotion is felt such as fear, anger, or joy, for example. Most dream content consists of memories, and are in the form of interrupted stories with frequent shifts of scene. One difference between waking and dreaming consciousness is that the latter tends to be an internal hallucinatory-like experience disconnected from the external world. Many dreams collected in labo ...

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