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Here Comes The Story Of The Hurricane

... witness told the police, Carter was not the “one.” He was taken to jail where he protested the unjust conviction by refusing to wear prison clothes and eat prison food. He was guilty before the trial even began. He was tried and convicted twice and then with the help of the Canadian Commune, his case was taken to the Federal Court where he was given freedom. One of Bob Dylan’s strongest protest songs is “Hurricane.” Rubin Carter wrote a book called 16th Round while he was in prison. He sent a copy of his book to Bob Dylan. ...

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The Music Of Generation X

... suicide, depression, hate/racism, violence, and drug addiction. I am about to examine five different song lyrics of my generation to demonstrate the different tones and concerns they convey onto society and my generation. The first song I would like to analyze is "Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction. The main theme in "Jane Says" is escaping drug use and addiction. This song is basically set in a low class area. Jane is a girl who has had a heroine addiction. Her personal boundaries have been invaded and she wants out of the habit, "I'm gonn ...

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Woodstock Music And Art Fair

... Kornfeld and Michael Lang. The oldest of the four was 26. Their original odea was to have it in Wallkill, New York, but the residents objected so greatly, that the site was then taken to a farm about eight miles outside of Bethel, N.Y. , population 3,900. There was objections from this city as well, but a permit had already been purchased to have a concert, so not much could be done about it. Although the conditions were terrible, (Lack of food, sparse sanitation facilities, drugs and alcohol, mud, to name a few) there were no viole ...

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Censorship...Who Gives A F**k!!!

... the pledge of allegiance in school, what if you are not American? I also was not allowed to watch the news. My parents felt it was "real violence", and not appropriate for me, that was parental censorship. When I was old enough to go out with my friends I became confused when my parents said I could see an "PG-13" rated movie but the theater wouldn't let me in. When I argued that "my parents said I could go see it!!", the theater management always said things like I need to be 13 or must be accompanied by a parent and so on. I then propose ...

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How To Listen To Music, Not Just Hear It

... with concrete walls and a cement floor. The sound will not be able to bounce off the walls and give the effect as if the sound is coming from behind you, as well as in front of you (the surround effect). A good room to listen in, is a typical family room with sheet rock walls and four ninety degree corners. The second consideration is placement of speakers. The corners of a room are the perfect spot for your speakers. You shouldn't position them flush against the wall, but put the back of the speaker into the corner, so eac ...

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The Classical Period

... number of musical pieces composed and played were all direct effects of the changing musical times. Among the many musical types of the period, the classical period is best known for the symphony, a form of a large orchestral ensemble. The symphonic pieces generally had three movements, the sonata, the minuet, and the finale. Building of the achievements of earlier composers, Haydn, and Mozart brought the symphony to it's peak in the last 20 years of the 18th century. Haydn excelled in rhythmic drive and development of theme-based mu ...

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The Beat Generation

... Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, and Jack Kerouac had much reference to jazz, Buddhism, and drugs in their literary work. Ginsberg, who was mainly known for his life-changing poem “Howl,” which was first read at the Six Gallery in San Francisco in October 1955, defeated all odds by letting be known and writing about the fact that he was of Jewish heritage and a homosexual. William Burroughs, who also was very much into drugs, wrote such novels such as Junky, and “Naked Lunch, which made Burroughs an underground celebrity, an ...

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... to build a recording studio in the town of (Sandow, 1). had become a rock center when musician Bob Dylan and a rock group called The Band settled there. To promote the idea of the studio the four partners of the music festival (Michael Lang; Artie Kornfield; John Roberts; and Joel Rosenman) decided to stage a concert, which they officially called the Festival and Art Fair. The Monterey Pop Festival held in Monterey, California, in 1967 inspired the festival (Sandow, 1). The partners eventually rented a field from a prominent loc ...

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... for a drinking problem, and sadly one of their bass players was killed in a car accident. This was a huge tragedy for the band, but they were forced to move on so they hired Jason Newstead for bass and Kirk Hammett for rhythm guitar. The band was one of the best and most well known bands around, and still is. On August 27, 1987, was on their way to Copenhagen to do a show with Ozzy when their tour bus flipped over throwing Cliff Burton from the bus. killing him instantly when the bus rolled on top of him and smashed his body. "I saw the ...

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Music And The Civil War

... none of the prewar concerts were identified as fundraisers. On February 17th, 1860, Professor Turner and Mr. Alby, of the Staunton Musical Association, presented "Splendid vocal and instrumental entertainment," during which "the large audience in attendance were highly gratified with the entertainment."1 The popularity of the events is further indicated through the paper's assurances that the public "will be ever ready to favor the performers with the presence when called upon."1 Other social events in Augusta County that were wi ...

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Peoria Symphony Orchestra: A Regional Outlet For Classical Music In Contemporary Society

... mission was always to entertain, but also to teach. Many conductors have held the baton since Plowe retired and the Orchestra has grown to nearly double its original size, but Orchestra’s vision has remained essentially unchanged, "…to enrich the mind, life and culture – the soul – of our community." In 1951 the Symphony Guild was formed. This organization was created to support the Symphony and enhance arts education in the Peoria area. Through the efforts of volunteers and staff, the guild helps make the arts accessible to all, e ...

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Beethoven's 8th Sonata: Analysis

... many variety of textures including thick, thin, and light sound. Melody - (bar 1-10), there is an introduction of a slower melody which will lead to a faster melody in the exposition in bar 12. Rhythm - The rhythm is fairly straight forward with quite a few dotted eighths or sixteenths in (bars)................ 1,2,3,5,7,8,133,134,135,295,296, and 297. Meter - The meter is in a common or (4/4) time. However, in the exposition, it changes into a cut or (2/2) time in ( ...

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