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The Sacred Divine

... I remember always asking my father if the deceased went to heaven or hell? My father would always tell me if the deceased was a member of the church, followed the ten commandments, and followed the good life taught to us by Jesus, he was enrolled for heaven. If the deceased had never went to church, broke some of the ten commandments, and did not follow the good life, he was consigned to hell. Myself as a six-year- old I never wanted to go to hell. I remember what my Sunday school teachers told of this place where you live in a a fier ...

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... New Testament and in Church teaching Jesus of Nazareth appears as the Son of God. This name He took to Himself (Matt., xi, 27; John, x, 36), while the Fourth Gospel declares Him to be the Word (Logos), Who in the beginning was with God and was God, by Whom all things were made. A similar doctrine is laid down by St. Paul, in his undoubtedly genuine Epistles to the Ephesians, Colossians, and Philippians. It is reiterated in the Letters of Ignatius, and accounts for Pliny's observation that Christians in their assemblies chanted a hymn to Chris ...

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Buddhism, Hinduism, And Christianity

... religion that it culturally diffused to the maximum and is a major religion. Hinduism’s major belief is the caste system. Which is a system of social stratification, or rank. The caste system is based upon Hindu Beliefs and apart of Indian society. There are four main cast groups: Brahmans which is the religious class, the Kshatriyas which was the warrior class, the Vaisyas which were the landowners, Merchants, and Herders, and the Sudras who were the laboring class made up of the servants and peasants. Hindu’s believed in Reincarnation ...

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Religion Support And Education

... direct, and indirect effects, of not being brought up to believe a certain religion, but to choose your own, no matter what it is. The past beliefs on religious support and education are displayed in the words of Aristotle; "Moral virtues come from habit... The habits we form from childhood make no small difference, but rather they make all the difference." 1 Our society has decided that the habits referred to by Aristotle, do not matter, when involving religion. Statistics tend to show a different result than what our present society feels ...

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The Catacombs And Christian Persecutions

... held centuries of relics of Christians from all over the empire. In the first century the Christians of Rome did not have their own cemeteries. If they owned land then they buried their relatives there, if they didn't they resorted to common cemeteries, Pagans were also buried here. That is how Saint Peter came to be buried in the great public "necropolis" (city of the dead) on Vatican Hill, this was available to everybody. Saint Paul was also buried in a necropolis along the Via Ostiense, a section of the catacombs. In the first half of th ...

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The Church Is Foundation In Christ

... Balthasar understands Mary's concent in that it is with faith that she accepts the seed to be laid in her womb. He asserts that it is not a obscure faith but "a faith that is fully incarnate that embraces body soul and spirit so that they can become the vessel of God's Word" (Figures of the Church, p. 199). The Incarnation is possible through Mary who, by virtue of her faith, is "pre-redeemed." She accepts an Incarnation and the redemption inherent within it. Her assent is made possible: …by the Incarnation and the Cross (in her "a ...

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The Journey To New England And Religion's Future

... migration to the New World. Most of the other areas that were starting new colonies were largely composed of young men that were looking at this as an opportunity to advance their financial position. The settlers in the Chesapeake region had a much more difficult time than the family oriented area of New England. They didn’t have the family structure and religious ties to pull together into a tight nit community. The families that migrated to New England were following Puritan religious leaders. Before starting off on this journey they ...

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Taoism And Confucianism

... chapter of Analects, Yu-T The premise of Confucian teachings are centered around the idea of Jen or the virtue of humanity. To accomplish this divinity, five relationships must be honored: ruler and minister, father and son, husband and wife, elder and younger brother, and friend and friend. These relationships led a push for a revolution of the political system to adopt the methods of Jen. Confucius sought to revive the ancient Chinese culture by redefining the importance of society and government. He described a society governed by reaso ...

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The Wiccan Religion

... itself, is an attempt to re-create European (mostly) Shamansistic Nature Religion, adapting it to fit our modern lives. Witches are worshippers of the Earth and it^Òs many cycles. We believe that deity is found not only outside to our realm, or plane of existence, but that is found within every living thing and all that support it. Therefore, we attempt to live in harmony with the Earth and each of it’s creatures. Wiccan tend to involve themselves with ecological pursuits. Wicca observe the holidays of Pagan Europe; Eight festivals space ...

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... 38:7-8) , the resurrection of the saints, and their subsequent appearance to many (Matthew 27:52-53) were witnessed by thousands of people. The stopping and reversal of the sun would have been visible worldwide. The idea that people could have witnessed these events without having been amazed by them is, quite simply, ludicrous. Other cultures having witnessed this would certainly have offered their own explanations in keeping with their own cultural and religious beliefs. Surely a society existing at the time would have documented this mirac ...

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Monasticism And The Code Of Chivalry

... the fear of the Roman government, this place was Egypt. They were called hermit monks. But others, Christians, had their ideas of the way that a Christian life should be lived. They wanted to live in a community, so they could worship together as a group instead of being alone. Benedict of Nursia established a rule that was used by most of the monks as a way of life. In this there were three specific vows, they are used to make it easier for monks to be closer to God. They are poverty, chastity, and obedience. Poverty meant that the nee ...

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What Is Hinduism

... originally had a geographical connotation. The Aryans who invaded India through the northwestern passage of the Himalayas gave the river that flows through the sub-continent the name Shindu . Hindu is only a corrupt form of Sindhu given to the Aryans by the Greeks. A way of life that is all things to Hindus, the religion encompasses a vast, uncoordinated complex of sects, doctrines, beliefs and practices set in a social framework. It has the unique distinction of having no single founder, no centralized organized hierarchy and no fixed d ...

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