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Creative Writing: Time Travel

... not try to charge him with so many counts. If he could get out of this in any way he would. Whatever the cost he would change it all. The next thing he knew he was being told to come back in two weeks. On the way out Jeff's family gave him dirty looks and he knew saying sorry was not good enough. Lying in bed Bryan cried thinking there was no hope. He knew that he needed to be punished. He broke the law and whether he did it on purpose or not, he had taken a life. Bryan knew he would go to jail but he did not understand the manslaught ...

Number of words: 740 | Number of pages: 3

Do As To Others

... imminent engagement, he pressed harder on the pedal. He had a twenty minutes to make the fifteen kilometre drive to the airport to catch that ever-important flight. Hopefully, this flight and the forthcoming interview would lead to a new job. And with this new job, he finally would have enough money to buy that house he'd had his eyes on for years. Perhaps he would even be able to buy a new car, instead of having to drive this heap of junk to work every day. He dreamed about how much better his life was going to be, unconsciously pushing the ...

Number of words: 808 | Number of pages: 3

Don't Just Look In Its Eyes - A Creative Story

... "The day is not done." those words sealed his fate. Nothing would stop his hunting. "I must be about a day behind him." he thought aloud. He strode off into the sea of the snow. Is there a moment when the line between the hunter and the hunted snaps taut? That moment when I realize I've got him and he realizes he's dead? YES! First there's the dance, the slow teasing chase, the furtive glances, the glimpses of your prey, and his wild frantic glances back. And then the tug of war, of spirits, of wills, of enduran ...

Number of words: 890 | Number of pages: 4

Personal Writing: Trip Through The Soft Soft Sand

... we saw underground. Caving is a very exciting sport, upon entering a cave you leave the mundane world behind and enter a wonderful wonderland. From the commonly known stalactites and stalagmites to the lesser known soda straws and cave bacon. After a few days of exploring caves in the park we were ready to head home. With tired muscles and dusty bodies we were ready for warm showers and soft beds. Upon exiting the park and traveling along the long strait path of the highway home we spotted a dark hole in a rock formation along t ...

Number of words: 803 | Number of pages: 3

Personal Writing: My First Murder

... The government said that I was acting within the limits of the law. Strangely, I felt no comfort in knowing I had my father and the government on my side. I still suffered prosecution, not from any judge or jury, but from myself. I am sure that by now you are appalled (a little anyway) with me. It may not change your feelings any, but at least let me explain that I did not kill any human being. The life which I took belonged to a squirrel, and squirrel was in season. some would call it a rodent, too stupid to get out of the path of their Goo ...

Number of words: 899 | Number of pages: 4

Personal Writing: Changing Grades And The Consequences

... he asked me to show him how to do it again, because he forgot. When I began to demonstrate this to him, several of the other students noticed and began to talk quietly amongst themselves. Later that day, at lunch time, I was approached by some of the other students in my class. "Hey, could you help us change our grades in algebra?" They asked. "I dont know... I might get caught..." I answered reluctantly. "Aww... come on.... what are you, chicken?" they taunted. "We'll pay you...." At that moment I began to think. I could not belie ...

Number of words: 558 | Number of pages: 3

Personal Writing: Bad Teacher

... often went to the nurse's office. After going there a couple of times, over a two-week period, she told me that I couldn't go anymore, but I sneaked passed her and went anyway. A week later, I got hurt again, so I snuck past her again even though she had told me not to go. That afternoon, she insulted me in front of everybody in the class; thus, I thought of her as a mean witch. Later that school year, I accidentally placed my finger in the doorway and someone slammed it without knowing my finger was there. She didn't care; therefore, she didn ...

Number of words: 191 | Number of pages: 1

Personal Writing: Taking Some Time Off To Watch Nature

... and the sun hadn't had a chance to dry them out. You couldn't hear much over the wind blowing and the leaves rustling over the ground. I sat and watched leaves and sticks getting blown off the top of the trees. Most of the trees looked dead with no leaves on the branches. While sitting there watching the leaves I saw two squirrels running up and down a tree chasing one another. I looked deeper into the woods and saw a squirrel burying his nuts in the ground, so it will have food for over the winter. A few feet in front of me were re ...

Number of words: 423 | Number of pages: 2

Personal Writing: A Schoolyard Lesson

... I threw on some Bugle Boy caches, a Polo shirt, and some Nikes. After giving up on my hair; I ran into the kitchen and snatched my lunch box off the counter. Soon I was out the door and on to face my first day at my new school. After defeating the labyrinth of streets that we call our neighborhood, and meeting my first crossing guard; I made my way into the school. It was quite crowded , but I knew where I was headed. I proceeded up the stairs and down the hall to room 212, where I sat down in the front row. I turned around and took a q ...

Number of words: 1336 | Number of pages: 5

Creative Writing: Apocalypse At The Nuclear Plant

... women workers, or even hanging around the coffee maker. "Must be another layoff meeting," he thought to himself as he slid his access card into the slot and the door opened. "Thank god you're here!" his boss, Jarvis explained. Pete checked his watch. "Am I late?" he queried. "No time for that, no time for that damnit!" Jarvis seemed very upset about something to say the least. "Well, what is it?" Pete asked with a look of haste swimming across his face. Jarvis lead Pete over to the main testing area. "We discovered this late last nigh ...

Number of words: 884 | Number of pages: 4

My Autobiography

... my dad was offered a promotion, but it meant having to move to Virginia in November of 1987. After spending about 2 months in Pennsylvania with just my mother, and John, it was time for us to leave my family members who were like parents to me and my best friend Joey to come here to Virginia. Dad had gone to Virginia about 2 months before my Mom, John and I because he had to begin work right away and we didn’t have a place to stay in Virginia yet. In September of 1987 I began kindergarten at Waterloo Elementary school. On October 1s ...

Number of words: 1400 | Number of pages: 6


... the minds removing the coal.His brother and him got a job offer in Marion Ohio,.so off they went. After just a few years in Ohio my grandfather came down with tuberculosis. He would die in !927.My Grandmother also would become ill and in 1932 die.My father and his brother and two sisters were sent to Cincinnati.They ended up Saint Al’s orphanage .This was a catholic home run by the sister of NorteDame.My father and his family would end up staying there until he went into the United States Navy when he was 17 years old. His sister, my aunt ...

Number of words: 460 | Number of pages: 2

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