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Should Drugs Be Made Legal?

... of prisoners have increased by 70 percent which will cost about $30 million dollars. Despite common wisdom, the U.S isn't experiencing a drug related crime wave. Government surveys show between 1980 - 1987 burglary rates fell 27 percent, robbery 21 percent and murders 13 percent, but with new drugs on the market these numbers are up. One contraversial solution is the proposal of legalizing drugs. Although people feel that legalizing drugs would lessen crime, drugs should remain illegal in the U.S because there would be an increase of dru ...

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Date Rape

... are several reasons why might occur. Sometimes a man thinks that a woman "owes" him something if he has taken her out for dinner and a movie or if a woman acts in a friendly manner towards him. The presence of drugs and alcohol are also a contributing factor to the occurrence of . An example of that occurs commonly, especially within a college campus, is when both the man and women are drunk. In an environment such as a college or university, parties are commonplace for students. It is a place where friends can gather, listen to loud mus ...

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Drugs And Legalization

... of the economic incentive, the health risk factor would help to reduce the role of the drug dealer. A potential customer would probably choose to buy a market-tested product from a pharmacy as opposed to buying a product of unknown dosage and quality from a corner dealer. Without the advantage of large profits, the drug dealing profession would lose its luster. A major problem is that teenagers see selling drugs as the only way to make money. Minimum wage salaries can not compare to the huge profits associated with dealing. In a drug ...

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A Working Alternative To Capital Punishment

... since the beginning of humankind. Today a total of 94 countries and territories use the death penalty for ordinary crime, including the United States. In the other 57 countries in the world, the death penalty no longer exists. In some of the 57 countries, capital punishment is only banned for ordinary crimes and still effective for military crimes or crimes committed in exceptional circumstances such as wartime (Doan, 2). Currently 34 of the states in the U.S. exercise capital punishment. The most recent to abolish capital punishment wa ...

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Drug Prohibition

... the Drug Prohibition led to heavy costs, both financially and otherwise, while being ineffective, if not, at times, counterproductive. Today, we can see the unforeseen costs of the "Drug Prohibition," and we should consider these costs before expanding the "War on Drugs." First, among the costs of the "War on Drugs," the most obvious is monetary cost. The direct cost of purchasing drugs for private use is $100 billion a year. The federal government spends at least $10 billion a year on drug enforcement programs and spends many bi ...

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The Social Plague Of Crime And Criminals

... parole, prison time, or community service is ineffective? The result is an unchanged criminal, and a society who bears the burden of deviant acts. To explore the roots of this problem we can analyze the conditions under which they are incarcerated. States vary in the procedures on treatment of inmates. The topic to be debated on the basis of its effectiveness is the rights of prisoners concerning conjugal visits. On an issue so sensitive and controversial there are many different arguments and opinions feel the most basic way to divide ...

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... rope and canvas. It was also used in making clothing because of it's durability. These uses fit in with the social climate of the time, because the main focus was on survival rather than for psychoactive purposes. During the prohibition, marijuana was widely used because of the scarcity of alcohol. Prohibition was repealed after just thirteen years while the prohibition against marijuana lasted for more than seventy five years. This double standard may have resulted from the wishes of those in power. Alcohol prohibition struck directly at ...

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Drinking And Driving Offences

... of drinking and driving. The sentence for "refusing to give a breath sample" is usually higher than either of the "exceeding 80 m.g." offences. Consequently it is usually easier in the long run for you to give a breath sample if asked. If, for example you are convicted of "Refusing ato give a breath sample" for the first time, but was earlier convicted of "Driving while impaired", your conviction for "Refusing" will count as a second conviction, not a first, and will receive the stiffer penalty for second offences. For the first ...

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History And Uses Of Marijuana

... to produce the feeling of being "high." The different strains of this herb produce different sensual effects, ranging from a sedative to a stimulant. The term "marijuana" is a word with indistinct origins. Some believe it is derived from the Mexican words for "Mary Jane"; others hold that the name comes from the Portuguese word marigu-ano, which means "intoxicant". The use of marijuana in the 1960's might lead one to surm ...

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History Of Punishment And The Code Of Hammurabi

... punishment? Hammurabi claims to have received the code from the sun god, Shamash. Quality associated was god is justice. The code begins with prologue that speaks of the extensive restoration of the temples and religious cults of Babylonia and Assyria. The code appears to be a series of amendments of the common law of Babylonia, not of strict legal code. It talks of direction for legal procedure and the statement of penalties for unjust accusations, false testimony, and injustice done by the judges; the laws about property rights, loans, ...

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Capital Punishment: Against

... since it is both discriminatory and arbitrary, has no proof of acting as a deterrent, and risks the atrocious and unacceptable injustice of executing innocent people. As long as capital punishment exists in our society it will continue to spark the injustice which it has failed to curb. Capital punishment is immoral and unethical. It does not matter who does the killing because when a life is taken by another it is always wrong. By killing a human being the state lessens the value of life and actually contributes to the growing sentimen ...

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Capital Punishment

... as civilization itself. The death penalty has been imposed throughout history for many crimes, ranging from blasphemy and treason to petty theft and murder. Many ancient societies accepted the idea that certain crimes deserved capital punishment. Ancient Roman and Mosaic law endorsed the notion of retaliation; they believed in the rule of "an eye for an eye." Similarly, the ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, and Greeks all executed citizens for a variety of crimes. The most famous people to be executed are Socrates and Jesus. Only in England, dur ...

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