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... over the line for the first down. As he is in the air the middle linebacker, Joe Smith, lays a crushing hit on the him and stops him one foot short of the first down marker. The Jets end up winning the game thanks to the great defensive play made by Joe Smith. Joe Smith’s overpowering strength and size seems to have won the game for the Jets and it just so happens that he might have acquired that strength and size through the use of an illegal drug known as anabolic . At the moment everything seems peachy keen, but was it really worth it? No ...

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Early To Bed

... sleep as the rest of the world because not only did he go to bed early but he got up early too so that destroys the logic that he would get more sleep and therefore feel healthier. If you were to sleep longer than the average person you might be able to think more clearly which over time might improve ones physical and mental health which I suppose could be interpreted as wisdom, but as we have established early to bed early to rise does not result in more sleep. Perhaps if one were to wake up before the rest of the world they would have pea ...

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Homosexuality And The Healthcare Profession

... in detail, at the available literature to see if there are possible reasons for these attitudes existing. Following this, he will look at how these attitudes can effect care within his own clinical area. Finally, he will aim to suggest ways that may lead to a greater degree of understanding and therefore an improvement in the care of this patient group and their relatives. The writer’s main incentive for writing this paper comes from his work as a volunteer for a local gay/lesbian helpline, as well as his observations within his professiona ...

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Life Or Death: Who Chooses?

... go backwards in our concern for the life of an individual human being? The unborn human is still a human life and not all the wishful thinking of those advocating repeal of abortion laws, can alter this. Those of us who would seek to protect the human who is still to small to cry aloud for it's own protection, have been accused of having a 19th Century approach to life in the last third of the 20th Century. But who in reality is using arguments of a bygone Century? It is an incontrovertible fact of biological science - Make no Mistake - ...

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Humans Soon To Be Extinct... Say It Ain't So!!

... since Dewey McLean (1978) proposed a dinosaur extinction theory that states that a climatic change killed the dinosaurs, it has become the single most accepted theory for the dinosaur extinctions within the scientific community. It is called the dinosaur- greenhouse extinction theory. It says that a climate change via the greenhouse effect killed off the dinosaurs. My paper takes this proposed theory and relates it to the world today. Some of the thin ...

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Mercy Killing Or Just Plain Killing: The Euthanasia Debate

... one goal of medicine has always been to prolong life, another goal has been the alleviation of pain and suffering. One point at which these two views collide, often violently, is over the hotly debated issue of euthanasia. Euthanasia, or “mercy killing,” as it has been called, is certainly not an issue with just two sides. There are many shades of gray involved, so to speak. Euthanasia, after all, ranges from simply allowing an individual to die naturally without life support or “pulling the plug” (passive euthanasia), all the way ...

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Caffeine And Its Affects

... and many soft drinks contain caffeine, and it is used to flavor certain foods. It is also found in medications for staying awake, dieting, treating colds, allergies, migraines and muscle tension. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system. Its effects range from mild alertness to heightened anxiety and body tension. Caffeine may not improve performance of complex tasks; it may even interfere with work. It shortens reaction time among some users, but its impact on creativity and other intellectual activities is hard to define. Caffeine ...

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A Better Idea Of Attention Deficit Disorder

... on task. ADD is a disorder that is difficult to diagnose, has many ways to be helped, and still allows children to lead fairly normal lives with the proper help. Attention Deficit Disorder is hard to diagnose because no one is certain of what actually causes the disorder. Lawrence Weathers thinks that the behavior of an ADD or ADHD child might occur because of stress due to school, parents, or friends before the child is emotionally equipped to handle the situation. He calls ADD a neurological disorder that affects the motivational system ( ...

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Psychological Stress

... of cancer. There are also some societal issues that can hamper. There are numerous elements that trigger the effects of . Frustration is one of these elements that will trigger stress. Frustration is one of the most prevalent sources of stress in my life at this moment. A lot of different events will cause frustration. Frustration occurs from something blocking our attainment of certain goals or needs (Corey 207). All of the little things that frustrate us include waiting in lines or traffic, sense of failure or inadequacies, bad r ...

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The Effects Of Stress, Alcohol Outcome Expectancies, Gender, Coping Styles, And Family Alcoholism On Alcohol Consumption

... when do we drink, and how much do we drink? This research will determine the correlation between total weekly consumption of alcohol and perceived stress, alcohol outcome expectancies, gender, coping styles, and family history of alcoholism among undergraduate students. Do people drink more or less when stressed? Do alcohol outcome expectancies lead to higher or lower consumption? Is a history of family alcoholism positively or negatively correlated to personal consumption? Do the tested variables play mediating or moderating roles in str ...

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One Thousand Years Of Chinese Footbinding: Its Origins, Popularity And Demise

... brief textual references suggest that small feet for women were preferred as early as the Han dynasty. The first documented reference to the actual binding of a foot is from the court of the Southern Tang dynasty in Nanjing, which celebrates the fame of its dancing girls renowned for their tiny feet and beautiful bow shoes.[2] The practice apparently became the standard for feminine beauty in the imperial court, spreading downward socially and geographically as the lower cl asses strove to imitate the style of the elite. [3] In i ...

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Suicide In Jails

... incarceration only serve as a catalyst of suicidal tendencies. Suicide is the primary cause of death in this country's jails. In 1986 there were 401 successful [jail] suicides (Winkler 19992). There are many general assumptions made in regard to suicide. Most believe suicide to be caused by mental illness such as major depression or bipolar disorder. Another belief is that the emotional escalation leading to action takes place over a long period of time. Such is not the case in jail suicides. Much of the research shows that "of all [jai ...

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