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Parking Deck Project Of University ______________

... the purpose of this study is to evaluate the current parking, plan for future parking needs, and propose possible locations for increased parking spaces at the University of ____________. The 1996 enrollment for the University of ______________ is 4,960. The enrollment increased approximately twelve (12) students from the 1995 enrollment. There are currently 2,303 total parking spaces on University property. The University Master Plan recommends one parking space for every 1.8 students. The student enrollment, (divided by) the ...

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What Psychology Is To Me

... more quantitative aspects than the function of the human mind. There are several different areas that are more easily researched than that of the brain's functionality. An example would be behavioral psychology in which the focus is put on observing behavior rather than on the processes going on inside the brain that invoke the subject's behavior. This is just one of the many examples that illustrate this point, and that makes developing a working definition of the term psychology extremely difficult to attain. The range of topics that ...

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Prayer In Schools

... start on their day, it is still considered unconstitutional and has been taken out of the daily routine of public schools (Kramer 1). Many youth still continue to pray for their schools, their nation, and their classmates. They pray despite the laws. Benny Proffitt, a Southern Baptist youth-club worker said, "We believe that if we are to see America's young people come to Christ, and America turn around, it's going to happen through our schools, not our churches"(Beima 28). Russia's offical faith for seven years was atheism; however, to ...

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How To Improve Your English

... us to remember the many new words we come across. Having a dictionary is just like having a teacher close at hand. We need to use a dictionary to look up those words that we don't know. It makes reading a very enjoyable pastime. Secondly, besides learning to read English, we must learn to understand spoken English, and practice speaking. Try listen to radio stations, if at first you don't understand, keep listening and maintain a regular habit of listening to radio stations. Repeat after the broadcast and learn how to pronounce correctly ...

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Women In Math

... these organizations are, AWM (Association for Women in Mathematics), WISE (Women In Sience and Engineering), ASEM (Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics) and many others. Many young women do not prosue carriers in math for one or more key reasons. One is that they have no female role models to look up to or any famous females in that field to inspire them. Another is that they are often disgouraged by others, usually family members, “ Why don't you be like your mother and stay home and raise the children.” is a com ...

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Time Makes A Big Difference

... tired, so, they would pay better attention. For example, students are so tired, that if they have a test in the early hours of the day, they will do bad because they can't think straight. Also, kids get headaches, get tired, and get bored. I could keep on going, but I think you get the picture. There are so many different reasons. I think everyone would agree with my suggestion. I think the biggest problem the students face is that school lasts to long. Now, I'll tell you a little more about that subject. Notice how more kids get in tr ...

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Graduation Speech

... best this evening to accomplish those things. Your name will soon be called over the PA for something other than to come to the attendance office to explain why you were absent yesterday. Yes, you will hear your name to be recognized for achieving your last and biggest accomplishment at Columbia City High School. Graduation is a time to be proud of what you've just accomplished and to think about all the things that you have done in your journey to get here. When you think about that journey, you will remember friendships, teachers, dances ...

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Grades Do Not Acurrately Reflect What A Student Has Learned

... student is doing in a particular area. But in truth, do they help or hurt the student? There is question as to whether children are motivated to learn, or to simply pull the grade. Grades don't accurately reflect what a student has, or has not learned. A student who is obsessed with grades is often a troubled one. Much stress is accumulated because all that matters is having an A on that next report card. Anything less, and the child isn't satisfied. In many cases, a student merely memorizes the material needed to get a good mark on a te ...

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Ancient Advances In Mathematics

... fingers or ten toes, for when our primitive ancestors first discovered the need to count they definitely would have used their fingers to help them along just like a child today. When primitive man learned to count up to ten he somehow differentiated himself from other animals. As an object of a higher thinking, man invented ten number- sounds. The needs and possessions of primitive man were not many. When the need to count over ten aroused, he simply combined the number-sounds related with his fingers. So, if he wished to define one more ...

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Political Correctness In Schools

... myself, a water gun and a teacher back in grade four. What had happened was that I pondered onto school grounds with a tiny plastic watergun. As I proceeded down the hallway a teacher took notice of my “ water-squirting” device. She approached me and ceased the toy from my hands . Many elementary school educators believe that violent toys can lead, and often do lead to violence if the children are allowed to play with the toys in an unsupervised environment. Something that used to be considered good clean fun has become a ...

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Gods Gift To Calculators: The Taylor Series

... Taylor series, which has allowed mathematicians (and calculators) to approximate functions,such as those given above, with polynomials. These polynomials, called Taylor Polynomials, are easy for a calculator manipulate because the calculator uses only the four basic arithmetic operators. So how do mathematicians take a function and turn it into a polynomial function? Lets find out. First, lets assume that we have a function in the form y= f(x) that looks like the graph below. We'll start out trying to approximate function values near x= ...

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Censorship In Public Schools

... of censorship in public schools are not unusual and there is evidence that such challenges are increasing (Woods 2). These challenges are actually typical of the ones being leveled against school libraries today. These challenges can come from one person or a group concerned with the suitability of the material in question. In almost every case, the effort to ban books is said to be "justified by fear of the harmful effects that the books may have on young children" (Berger 59). The result of these censorship attempts has been two opposing s ...

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