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What Is The Definition Of Marr

... (Johnson 266). The Romans recognized the phenomenon we call “falling in love,” but they considered it a hindrance to the establishment of stable households (266). Marriages certified by the state had their foundations not in religion or romance but in pragmatics-e.g., the joining of socially prominent households (266). At the beginning of the thirteenth century, facing schisms and heresies, and seeking to consolidate its power, the Catholic Church institutionalized marriage, confirming it as a sacrament and requring that a priest of ...

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Affirmative Action In Seattle

... as a result, the government is hiring unqualified candidates. This view fundamentally misrepresents the reality of affirmative action in the City of Seattle. The City's affirmative action program does not establish numerical quotas for hiring decisions, nor does it result in the hiring of unqualified candidates on the basis of gender or race. What the City of Seattle's affirmative action program does is very simple: first, it gives City managers and personnel officers a snapshot of the labor market, so that they are aware of the av ...

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America— Take Care Of Your Own

... the court to spend time with someone who sees them anytime it is convenient for the adult. What about if the child doesn't want to spend time with the parent that left the marriage to pursue a new lifestyle? How many adults would spend time with someone who caused tremendous hurt in their family? Children don't have that choice. Children don't have the option of being angry or hurt. What can be done to prevent this atrocity of Solomonless wisdom of Joint Custody? Our court system needs a major overhaul. The judges need to be to be more sensi ...

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Why Mitchell V Wisconsin Sucke

... attacked and severely beat a lone white boy. The group had just finished watching the film ³Mississippi Burning², in which a young black boy was, while praying, beaten by a white man. After the film, the group moved outside and Mitchell asked if they felt ³hyped up to move on some white people². When the white boy approached Mitchell said, ³You all want to fuck somebody up? There goes a white boy, Go get him.² The boy was left unconscious, and remained in a coma for four days. Mitchell was convicted of aggravated battery, which carries ...

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Live Together Before The Arrma

... him/her in the cold light of morning. You wouldn't buy a pair of shoes without trying them on first, would you? You would be testing the car before you buy it, wouldn't you?" However, this is presumptuous, naive, and wishful thinking. There is often one person in the relationship who doesn't think in terms of a permanent, lifelong relationship. Thus, cohabitation often lacks a common purpose and has less benefit because it is not romantic. There are no lasting responsibilities. And it results in a rate of higher divorce. First of all, cohabit ...

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Euthanasia In The United State

... Groups in opposition to euthanasia say that patients who yearn to make this decision are neither in a healthy psychological state of mind nor have the God-willing right to do so. These groups feel if euthanasia were to become a publicly accepted option to the terminally ill that physicians, family, and even patients may abuse it. They also strongly support modern end-of-life treatment, known as palliative care, as a more logical and moral option. Perhaps the strongest belief that euthanasia is wrong comes from those who follow the words of ...

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McCarthy's Communist Witch-Hunt

... vital freedom in democratic society, was violated because the speech and views of Hollywood Ten where different, or were thought to be different, from those of House Un-American Activities Committee. In another case, the Rosenbergs Trial, the basic rules of criminal procedure and burden of proof were buried under the anti-Communist hysteria and two possible innocent people were electrocuted. McCarthy was little known before gaining national attention with a speech in Wheeling, West Virginia, on February 12, 1950. In that address, McCarthy ...

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Limiting Death Row Appeals

... the death penalty in 1976. Between that year and 1995, 314 inmates have been executed in the 37 states, districts, and providences of the United States that allow the death penalty. There are more than 3100 inmates on death row. The majority of executions are of white males. Most executions are by lethal injection or electrocution. In the years since the Supreme Court re-instituted the death penalty through 1994, there have been approximately 467,000 homicides in the United States. Based on that number, 2.8 people will die every hour ...

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Teen Smoking

... angry and lashing out on everyone, so I revised it. But enough of that, I find to be a very controversial subject. To be completely honest with you I am smoking right now as I am writing this. Obviously I am a smoker. I am 17 years old and I am a smoker. In the late 1990’s, the statistics showed that approximately 25% of teens smoke. That’s one out of every four teenagers. High school is a tough time for teens. These years are critical to a teens future. This explains why a vast majority of smokers start at 16 years or younger with ...

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Cult Leaders And Their Abuse O

... and fascism. Although in his own mind he had food intentions, to save the world from the Armageddon, he was insane and in the overabundance of power, he was able to kill more than 900 people. It is unclear whether Jim Jones had committed suicide at the ritual or was shot by another, so it is uncertain to say that he had any intentions to die also. Although his protests were for good moral purposes, it was wrong of him to use his status as chairman of the Housing Authority and award receiver to gather extra followers to join the suicide. Here h ...

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The Second Amendment

... reasons for the repeal; One is the rising of violence among teenagers, the second reason is their interpertation of the Second Ammendment which could be considered a strict one. The side opposing these views use arguments like how it would be immpossible to repeal the Second Ammendment, and a long western civilizations history with a right to bear arms. Finally one can see the conflict of views dealing with the Second Ammenment, but one would also see that repealing the ammendment wouldn't solve the problem facing our society. The contriversy ...

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Software Licensing

... setting or business, every computer must have its own set of original software and the appropriate number of manuals. It is illegal for a corporation or business to purchase a single set of original software and then load that software onto more than one computer, or lend, copy or distribute software for any reason without the prior written consent of the software manufacturer. Many software managers are concerned with the legal compliance, along with asset management and costs at their organizations. Many firms involve their legal departments ...

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