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Rockefeller Drug Laws

... should have an effect on the sentence. All that is being done is that the prisons are being filled and non violent criminals are learning how to become better at crime and get deeper into it instead of becoming rehabilitated. Also they don’t discriminate between the dealer and the mule or sibling or wife of the dealer. They can all be sentenced to the same amount of time even if they weren’t the one running the show. The drug penalties are more harsh than other worse crimes. Why should someone in the possession of an ounce ...

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What Is Our World Coming To: Rising Crime In US

... of twenty-four hours. According to the DPS (Department of Public Safety) reports crime is down 3.8% in 1991. That sounds great but then you hear that rapes have increased 6.5% , in 1991, you don't think that we are improving so much. This report was compiled from ninety-three different Arizona police agencies. Of all the crime rape showed the largest increase. Last year in Arizona, there were 1,568 reported rapes compared to 1,472 in 1990. There was 289 slayings last year, in Maricopa county, while there were only 277 t ...

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The Brady Law

... 1981. In April 1997 the Supreme Court threw out a key part of the Brady Law in a 5-4 decision, saying that the federal government cannot make local police decide whether people are fit to buy handguns. The issue at hand is if the government can expect local authorities to run criminal background checks on every person wishing to purchase a gun. This 5-4 decision would be easy to overturn in the court decides to revisit it later. This case was brought up by sheriffs in Montana and Arizona who said that running background checks would take v ...

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Counterfeiting: We're In The Money

... step in improving our currency system. Counterfeiting U.S. currency is an illegal practice that has has been around for years and, unfortunately,is getting worse. "Last year, ...the Secret Service cooperated with the Italian authorities' seizure of $43.8 million in counterfeit U.S. currency, Germany's capture of more than $19 million in counterfeit cash, and the Canadian authorities; seizure of than $129 million in counterfeit U.S. currency." (Gomez, Bertha. "Officials Say..") In a small town north of Chicago, two high school senio ...

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... and believed to have supernatural powers, is found in about 20 varieties of mushrooms. Once ingested, psilocybin is converted to psilocin, which is responsible for the drug's hallucinogenic sensations. DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is a short-acting hallucinogen found in the seeds of certain West Indian and South American plants. In the form of snuff, called cohoba, it has been used in religious ceremonies in Haiti. Marijuana is a plant belonging to the hemp family . The active principle responsible for the drug's effects is tetrahydrocannab ...

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Q/A: Legalization Of Marijuana

... various potencies. It is smoked or eaten to produce the feeling of being "high." The different strains of this herb produce different sensual effects, ranging from sedative to stimulant. Q. Who Uses Marijuana? A.There is no simple profile of a typical marijuana user. It has been used for 1000s of years for medical, social and religious reasons and for relaxation.2 Several of our Presidents3 are believed to have smoked it. One out of every five Americans say they have tried it. And it is still popular among artists, ...

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Gun Control

... 1. Juvinile Crime with guns has gone up. A. Juviniles homocide with guns is tripling Congressional Record 96' ( July 24, Senate Resolution 282) "Juvinile homosides involving firearms trippled from 1980 to 1994. Ask any police chief of any major cities in this country and they will tell you the problem in violence is that how the weapons are more powerful and they are used more frequently." B. Number of other teen murders by other means has remained the same Montgomery, 96' (Knight-Ridder, July 8) "Noting that the number of g ...

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International Law

... after World War II. Article 92 of the charter of the United Nations states: The International Court of justice shall be the principal judicial organ of the United nations. It shall function in accordance with the annexed Statute, which is based upon the Statute of the Permanent court of International Justice and forms an integral part of the present Charter. The commands of international law must be those that the states impose upon themselves, as states must give consent to the commands that they will follow. It is a direc ...

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Marijuana Should Be Legal For Medicinal Reasons Only

... However, marijuana has been proven to be a good medication fighting many life-threatening diseases. Therefore, . Even though marijuana has been used for medical purposes for thousands of years, interest in using it as treatment sparked in the late 1970’s (14, p.2). Today, marijuana has a positive reputation for helping cancer patients overcome the nausea associated with chemotherapy, treating glaucoma, and in stimulating the appetite of AIDS patients (14, p.3). Studies have shown that marijuana clearly controls nausea and vomi ...

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... was an authority on the use of drugs for medical purposes, and said that the use of marijuana for said purposes was helpful. The U.S. Pharmacopeia last listed ("the dried flower tops of the pistillate plants of sativa") in 1936.(Lovinge,1985,p434) That years epitome of the pharmacopeia and the national formula described the drug for physicians thus:"a narcotic poison, producing a mild delirium. Used in sedative mixtures but of doubtful value. Also employed to color corn remedies." The next pharmacopeia released in 1942 (I gather ...

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The Death Penalty

... 1972, in _Furman v. Georgia_, the Supreme Court invalidated hundreds of scheduled executions, declaring that then existing state laws were applied in an "arbitrary and capricious" manner and, thus, violated the Eighth Amendment's prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment, and the Fourteenth Amendment's guarantees of equal protection of the laws and due process. But in 1976, in _ Gregg v. Georgia_, the Court resuscitated the death penalty: It ruled that the penalty "does not invariably violate the Constitution" if administer ...

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Capital Punishment Deters Murder, And Is Just Retribution

... stated in article by Kirk Makir, in the March 26, 1987 edition of the Globe and Mail, titled "B.C. MPs split on Death Penalty". The death penalty deters murder by putting the fear of death into would be killers. A person is less likely to do something, if he or she thinks that harm will come to him. Another way the death penalty deters murder, is the fact that if the killer is dead, he will not be able to kill again. Most supporters of the death penalty feel that offenders should be punished for their crimes, and that it ...

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