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Make US Citizenship More Difficult

... the background of the United States. This country was founded by settlers who were indeed immigrants, and then the move westward was again aided by the millions of immigrants constantly joining the new country. Native Americans alone could say that they oppose immigration, or could they? Did not their ancestors also migrate to the continent of North America? How then can men or women calling themselves United States citizens be opposed to immigration? The most profound and obvious way that immigrants affect our country is through their c ...

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Drugs Should Not Be Legalized

... is effective when communicated by representatives of the Federal Government, but takes on even more credibility when it comes from those in the community who can put the legalization debate in local perspective" (Internet). After learning about the issues regarding both sides of the argument, I would choose to support those who oppose legalization of any drugs. Drugs simply create problems which effect society in several ...

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The Need For Capital Punishment

... sit behind, where you are constantly watched over. Even though this is your bathroom, it has no shower stall or bathtub, but once a week you are allowed to leave this room to take a shower. Your days are spent inside this room reading, thinking and worrying. You aren't in any ordinary room, you're in a cell on death row. A cell reserved for people who were sentenced to death for committing a crime. Death could be by firing squad, lethel injection, the gas chamber or electric chair. Chances are you've been in this room for many years and ...

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Legalizing Marijuana

... emaciation; glaucoma sufferers who have used marijuana said it has prevented them from going blind, and cancer patients for whom it alleviates the severe nausea that is often accompanies chemotherapy and sometimes makes lifesaving treatment impossible. Due to all these lobbying groups which show substantial evidence that marijuana can be used as a prescribed drug. Also many advocates who are pro marijuana complain that morphine and cocaine are legal and are very dangerous drugs, that brings up the question why not legalize mari ...

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Impact Of Abuse

... pain, guilt, and anger for what is being done. The question, "Is this right or wrong?" posses the greatest conflict within the childs mind. The abuse feels so wrong yet the abuser insits it is okay, taking advantage of the childs mistrust and naivety. Below are the thoughts of an abused victim as she thinks back to her abuse and questions her father. It is an example of this mistrust as well as the confusion which goes through a childs mind. "Since I was a little ten-year-old child, I had to deceive and hide from the world and ...

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... the educational system, films, radio, television, and against the graphic and theater arts. Censorship occurs often in todays society, much of which is justifiable, but in some cases is simply unnecessary. What is Obscenity? Obscenity is difficult to honestly discuss. After all, what makes a thing obscene? It is something too vague to be defined. People often see things differently. Some see obscenity in nude pictures, statues, paintings, etc. While others find less obscenity in these things. This is where the discrepancy is foun ...

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Make Drugs Legal

... and it will increase our country’s revenue. There are also many benefits that can be uncovered to help people if legalization of marijuana is given a chance. Alcohol was once sold and used, but people were doing it illegally. The 21st amendment repealed prohibition and alcohol taxes were increased. The same thing should happen with Canabis Sativa. Marijuana should be taxed heavily to increase our revenue. Marijuana and other drugs would be made by the same people who make aspirin so the quality would be assured, containing no poi ...

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Capital Punishment And Issues

... Code of ancient Greece imposed capital punishment for every offense. In England, during the reigns of King Canute and William the Conqueror, the death penalty was not used, although the results of interrogation and torture were often fatal. By the end of the 15th century, English law recognized seven major crimes: treason (grand and petty), murder, larceny, burglary, rape, and arson. By 1800, more than 200 capital crimes were recognized, and as a result, 1000 or more persons were sentenced to death each year (although most sentences were ...

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Psychodelic Drugs

... it touches in a matter of minutes. Enzymes in the liver metabolize alcohol at a rate of 10-15 ml (less than one half ounce) per hour. Hence, only time can sober someone up. Coffee, cold showers, or exercise do not work. The warm glow of disinhibition, "letting go" is a major desired effect of alcohol. People feel more sociable and talkative with small amounts of the drug. Alcohol is a relaxant, so many people drink to unwind from the demands of life. Because alcohol has been around for so long, its effects are well-known. Two key concepts ...

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The Presidency And Inexperience

... once his ‘successor’, so to speak, assumes office. As any CEO of a successful corporation will tell, his successor, much less the successor of any managerial post in the company should be well indoctrinated into his new position by his predecessor prior to completely assuming his responsibilities. You might, then say that the multifaceted task of running a country is not unlike the complex task of running a corporation with its many divisions and subdivisions. Still, the fact remains that when a newly-elected president assumes of ...

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Legalization Of Marijuana

... Many of them feel that not only those people with the diseases and the disorders will use the drug, but other people will want to use it for everyday problems. First, a doctor must prescribe the marijuana in order for a patient to take it. It would be almost impossible for a person to obtain the drug without a prescription. It is up to the doctor whether or not the patient needs it. The D.E.A. also has fears about the possible addiction to the drug and its effects in society. As with any other drug, the possibility of addiction is a conce ...

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Gun Control Isn't About Guns Its About Control

... That purpose is just as important today as it was in the days of Thomas Jefferson. The purpose is to allow the individual to defend his freedom. There are a number of reasons why this freedom needs to be protected. The number one and most important is to keep the individuality of the American people from becoming controlled by the Government. Governmental Issues Only sixty years ago Hitler took away the rights of Jews in Germany to bear arms. At that time it look like it was being done for the betterment of society. History has to ...

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