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"I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud"

... feels moved and directed by his emotions. The cloud in this poem looks over vales and hills, "vale" not only meaning valley, but also "the mortal world". I think the poet uses this to describe how wonderful it would be, as a human, to look over this world and not have to be in the violence and unhappiness of it. The speaker came upon a cure for his loneliness, solitude, and isolation when a host of golden daffodils came into sight. They were a strong contrast to the speaker. These golden flowers, with golden meaning valuable and prec ...

Number of words: 516 | Number of pages: 2

Comparison Of Shakespeare's Sonnet 73 And Sonnet 116

... an array of figurative language to convey his message, including metaphor and personification. Thus, in sonnet 73, he compares himself to a grove of trees in early winter, "When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,..." These lines seem to refer to an aged, balding man, bundled unsuccessfully against the weather. Perhaps, in a larger sense, they refer to that time in our lives when our faculties are diminished and we can no longer easily withstand the normal blows of life. He regards his b ...

Number of words: 862 | Number of pages: 4

Dulce Et Decorum Est: Analysis

... incident which took place before his eyes, and which illustrates the horror of war. Owen and his platoon of exhausted soldiers were painfully making their way back to base after a harrowing time at the battle front when a gas shell was fired at them, and as a result of this, one of the platoon was fatally gassed. Owen has arranged the poem in three sections, each dealing with a different stage of this experience. He makes use of a simple, regular rhyme scheme, which makes the poem sound almost like a child's poem or nursery rhyme. Thi ...

Number of words: 1155 | Number of pages: 5

A Critical Analysis Of "The Parting" By Michael Drayton

... lines. This forces the author to distill his thoughts and feelings into as compact a form as possible. This distillation process means that the waffle that would have filled up a piece of prose has to be cut, and leaves a much clearer, less cluttered version of his feelings. Often, he has to sum up in one line of the poem what he would normally have written a paragraph or more on. For example, "Shake hands forever, cancle all our vows" sums up very concisely the idea of the break being forever, with no possibility of a reconciliation, whi ...

Number of words: 861 | Number of pages: 4

“I Had Been Hungry, All The Years”

... express how her high time had come. The time for her “to dine” or enjoy that which she was hungry for. Her “Trembling” gives a sense that she is excited. She is trembling with joy that she has finally been giving a chance to draw near the “Curious Wine”. I see the “Curious Wine” as wealth, in terms of money. This is due to many reasons, one being that wine as an intoxicating effect on people; as does money. Wine is also a drink of richer people, who would (in most cases) have more money then her. Also because wine is curious, ...

Number of words: 796 | Number of pages: 3

Compare And Contrast: "Dead Man's Dump" By Rosenberg And "dulce Et Decorum Est" By Owen

... perished. "The wheels lurched over the sprawling dead," they are driving over a battle field to pick up the survivors. The drivers of the truck are playing the role of God, by coming and saving the soldier's from death. Another reference to God in the same poem is when Rosenberg refers to the "limbers," wheels of a cannon being pulled, carrying the dead as "Stuck out like many crowns of thorns," symbolizing Jesus's crown of thorns that he wore at his crucifixion. Finally they hear a sound, one of the soldier is still alive. He b ...

Number of words: 1154 | Number of pages: 5

Siefried Sassoon And Counter-Attack

... of a country gentleman. He spent his tie hunting, playing sports and writing poetry. Published privately, Sassoon's poetry made very little impact on the critics or the book buying public After being wounded in April 1917, Sassoon was sent back to England. While recovering at Craiglockhart War Hospital Sassoon met two other poets, Robert Graves and Wilfred Owen. All three men had grown increasingly angry about the tactics being employed by the British Army. Sassoon was willing to go farther than Owen and Graves in his criticism of the war ...

Number of words: 333 | Number of pages: 2

Comparisons Of “Report Of The French Commission On American Education, 1879” To Mike Rose’s “I Just Wanna Be Average”

... molding young minds in the quest to advance America as a whole. Civic pride and duty were influencing every aspect of American education. Both essays draw from the influence of education into the societal path into American mainstream society. Each school system is influenced by thoughts of bettering youth, but in much opposite ends of the spectrum. The French commission stated that the youth of America were offered the same curriculum in the hopes to form a united, equal society. America, as seen by the French, was a land of golden oppo ...

Number of words: 875 | Number of pages: 4

A Review Of A Shakespearean Sonnet

... fair from fair sometime declines, By chance, or nature's changing course, untrimm'd. But thy eternal summer shall not fade" (lines 7-9) This type of poetry suites the subject Shakespeare has chosen to write about because each quatrain has a different means to compare the subject to a summer's day and about half way through, Shakespeare changes and decides that the subject is better than a summer's day. The sonnet is essentially made up of two different parts, the first being the problem and the s ...

Number of words: 628 | Number of pages: 3

Ozymandias (1818): An Analysis

... Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away. Humans throughout history have striven to overcome their mortality by leaving something of themselves behind -- evidence of their existence. The subject of Shelley's poem "Ozymandias" is an ancient king who shared this common desire, but not in a common way. He not only wanted to leave behind a record of himself for future generations, he wanted his memory exalted above that of others, and ...

Number of words: 834 | Number of pages: 4

"The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock": Surrealism And T.S. Eliot

... and at times hostility toward surrealism and its precursor Dada. Eliot's favourites among his French contemporaries weren't surrealists, but were rather the figures of St. John Perse and Paul Verlaine, among others. This does not mean Eliot had nothing in common with surrealist poetry, but the facts that both Eliot and the Surrealists owed much to Charles Baudelaire's can perhaps best explain any similarity "strangely evocative explorations of the symbolic suggestions of objects and images." Its unusual, sometimes startling juxtapositi ...

Number of words: 906 | Number of pages: 4

Analysis Of Whitman's "Drum Taps" And "The Wound Dresser"

... many poems in "Drum Taps" is indicative of this development, "The Wound Dresser" is the best example of the author looking back upon his own initial opinions of the war, while stationed at a field hospital carrying his latest and final thoughts regarding what he held as an unnecessary encounter. However, to understand the contrasts between his first, then ultimately conclusive belief, one must delve into his earlier works. In the first poem of "Drum Taps", "First O Songs For A Prelude" the poem indicates to the reader that Whitman ...

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