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Andrea Del Sarto: A Statement Worthy Of Examination

Part one of term paper
The bittersweet poem Andrea del Sarto by Robert Browning is the story of a painter who, with un-Godly amounts of talent, never fulfills his potential in becoming a great, prolific painter, in the exalted ranks of Raphael. Browning attributes this to del Sarto’s wife, as is the case with most women, she binds del Sarto with “love,” thu ...

Part two of term paper
... Sarto’s life, is summed up best in lines 137-138. Browning writes, “ In this world, who can do a thing, will not;/ And who would do it, cannot,. . .” These lines represent the struggles of most poets and writers we’ve read this past semester, in particular Byron, Shelley and Hardy. Before the lines can be used to generalize a broad range of artists, first the lines must be thoroughly understood. Several themes can be inferred from these relatively simple lines. They seem straightforwar ...

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