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Don't Just Look In Its Eyes - A Creative Story

Part one of term paper
ONE DAY BEHIND The snow blinded his vision. The crosshairs aimed at the subject, he fired, and missed. The deer, or whatever animal it was, ran off into a sea of snow. He said nothing. The old hunter was getting too ancient for this game. He decided to finish up for the day. He had already caught two snow rabbits, a small partridg ...

Part two of term paper
... his hunting. "I must be about a day behind him." he thought aloud. He strode off into the sea of the snow. Is there a moment when the line between the hunter and the hunted snaps taut? That moment when I realize I've got him and he realizes he's dead? YES! First there's the dance, the slow teasing chase, the furtive glances, the glimpses of your prey, and his wild frantic glances back. And then the tug of war, of spirits, of wills, of endurance. The wire of tension ...

Word count: 890 | Approximate pages: 4

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