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Imperialism: And The Way It Took Away Tranquillity

Part one of term paper
Imperialism is nothing but a fancy word for hostile take over. The only ones to truly benefit from imperialism was the Europeans. The constant suffering and turmoil was left to all rest of the world. Is there even one imperial country who actually benefited from their parent country, direct or indirect ruling aside. If we look at the imper ...

Part two of term paper
... if you say one thing wrong, the secret police will shoot you right in the middle of the street. No matter how we look at it, it comes down to one of the deadly sins; greed. The European countries were greedy. Greedy for money, greedy for natural resources, for land, and for power. And the ones left to suffer for their frenzied race was the rest of the un-industrialized world. In 1859 Lincoln said that the Republican party believed in the man and the dollar, but that in case of conflict it be ...

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