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Confessions In Rhyme: Poetry Analysis

Part one of term paper
Colors Charlotte mixing in with the sailors, is like a drop of gold paint in a bucket of gray paint. Under all the pressure she must feel faint. No other drops of gold paint to accompany her. Only a fraud. Gold on the outside, but hateful clear on the inside. A fraud, trying to be a good captain, but less than the sailors. Since the golden d ...

Part two of term paper
... each sailor a flag has fallen and surrender was pleaded, for each sailor a country was overpowered, for each and every sailor a kingdom was conquered. Pain was planted into their hearts and minds. A plan for revenge has just been born. Captain Jaggery has made his last wish. His death wish... This relates to what happened after the Rebellion, all reactions that became one. Everyone wants revenge! Rebellion The captain worked them day and night for he had no mercy, because of thi ...

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