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Buddhism, Hinduism, And Christianity

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Religious beliefs affect the lives of the followers of the religion. Three such religions are . The lives of these certain people are affected socially, economically, and politically. Buddhism evolves around the Four Noble Truths, they state that all life is suffering, Suffering is caused by desire, Desire can be eliminated, and There is a p ...

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... major belief is the caste system. Which is a system of social stratification, or rank. The caste system is based upon Hindu Beliefs and apart of Indian society. There are four main cast groups: Brahmans which is the religious class, the Kshatriyas which was the warrior class, the Vaisyas which were the landowners, Merchants, and Herders, and the Sudras who were the laboring class made up of the servants and peasants. Hindu’s believed in Reincarnation also. It is the rebirth of the ...

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