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Candide's Constant Search For Satisfaction

Part one of term paper
Voltaire's Candide is a story about the life of a man who travels with only one goal in mind; the pursuit of happiness. Although many circumstances and difficult situations seem to stand in his way, Candide never loses sight of his objective. Voltaire's character travels to many different cultures, in an attempt to figure out the many diff ...

Part two of term paper
... to him, and changed his life forever. However, many of the people close to Candide miraculously came back into his life as the story continued. Dr. Pangloss, his former master, reappears but then parts again after being tortured in Lisbon. Candide and his love, Cunégonde, who was also supposedly murdered, are reunited but their time together was limited. Everyone who is close to Candide is somehow submitted to turmoil throughout the story. Candide himself was flogged many times, Dr. Pangloss ...

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