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"The Ruined Maid” By Thomas Hardy

Part one of term paper
We always look up to people who seem to have “perfect life.” In my opinion, Thomas Hardy, with “The Ruined Maid,” tries to emphasize that we should not judge one’s feelings by his or her appearance and behavior. Far more, sometimes one’s behavior can contradicts his or her behavior. The poem starts with descriptive words abou ...

Part two of term paper
... same way, Hardy continues with description of what is happening in the present stage of the lady, and then the poor lady gets a chance to defend herself and explain that the situation has another perspective, which is a negative one; “We never do work when we’re ruined” (16). The narrator life is not wealthy, it can be understood by “you left us in tatters” and so she looks up with jealousy to her friend who has managed to change and to become a part of a higher society “high compa-ny ...

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