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The Judgments And Moral Lessons Of Robert Browning’s Poetry

Part one of term paper
Is the speaker in the poem right or wrong? Every individual must ask this simple question after reading Robert Browning’s dramatic monologues. Like a painter, Browning creates a protrait of a person for the world to analyse carefully. After examining, a conclusion about the speaker’s life must be made. Browning brings the reader thro ...

Part two of term paper
... through the dramatic monologue. In this form of poetry, a fictitious or historical character reveals a personal testimony of his life, often disclosing the undesirable attributes of his character. While some of Browning’s monologues serve to inform and entertain, others provide a hidden message for the reader to cogitate. After reviewing the circumstances and issues concerning the speaker’s life, the reader forms a moral approval or disapproval. Thus, the dramatic monologue has a central o ...

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