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Internet Site Evaluations

Part one of term paper
"Wow, will you look at this website I found, they claim that 9 out of 10 people in America are millionaires. What's more, they claim to be the largest online wealth creation firm. Surprisingly, there is no information regarding the author or the origin of this site." Internet dream or website scheme? If one is easily persuaded by this typ ...

Part two of term paper
... to become both more informed and aware of the Internet and websites in general. Authorship "How to perform open heart surgery: A Primer by Billy 'cool kid' Johnson." If a member of ones family had a heart attack, would the above source help in saving their life if a hospital was inaccessible? This would depend on the authenticity and authorship of the source. In any case, using material from an unquestionable source is not a reliable idea. Why? Because the authorship of the source, proba ...

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