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Jonathon Swift

... at the time mothered Ireland, Swift utilizes his work to satirically place much of the blame on England itself. Through his brilliant stating of the fact that the children cost money as well as aid in the drought of food and necessities the reader can get an idea of the suffering on going in Ireland; this brings the reader to see that instead of keeping the children their parents should either eat them or sell them on an open market. By wasting the scarce food in Ireland, the people are killing themselves; thus the children can be consume ...

Number of words: 1398 | Number of pages: 6

Being Unprepared

... year. Since they were close to Mexico, they decided that they would just hop in their rental car and go for a cruise across the border. When they got into the country, they were in such a foul place that they instantly decided to come back across the border into the States. When they got to the Border Patrol, they discovered that there was no license plate on the car. My mom's friend then found a slip of paper from the valet at the hotel that they were staying at that said there wasn't one when they had parked it. It was at this point in time ...

Number of words: 817 | Number of pages: 3

Christian Elements In Beowulf

... seaside cave, people passing by will always remember the legendary hero and king, Beowulf. In this epic the presentation of the story telling moves within Christian surroundings as well as pagan ideals. Beowulf was a recited pagan folklore where the people of that time period believed in gods, goddesses, monsters,a heaven and an underworld. It’s significance lies in an oral history where people memorized long, dense lines of tedious verse. Later, when a written tradition was introduced they began to write the story down on tablets. The old ...

Number of words: 1525 | Number of pages: 6

Dover Beach By Matthew Arnold

... mental pictures, actions, sights and sounds the man sees. Some examples are "folds of a bright girdle furled", "lie before us like a land of dreams" and "moon-blanched land". Arnold's use of different types of imagery and descriptive adjectives to induce sensory impressions of the setting, create the fluctuating mood of the poem, which is the eternal struggle of nature over man. In "Dover Beach", Matthew Arnold uses detailed adjectives and sensory imagery to describe the setting and portray the beginning mood, which begins with th ...

Number of words: 1100 | Number of pages: 4


... within the door before the children shrieked, and one of the women fainted" . From that moment on he realized that people did not like his appearance and hated him because of it. If villagers didn't run away at the sight of him, then they might have even enjoyed his personality. The monster tried to accomplish this when he encountered the De Lacey family. The monster hoped to gain friendship from the old man and eventually his children. He knew that it could have been possible because the old man was blind, he could not see the monster's r ...

Number of words: 638 | Number of pages: 3

Politics: Has The Media Gone Too Far?

... is a good phrase and I suggest most people try killing their television for a week and seeing the wonderful results. With the advent of the rapid growth of the Internet, the media has become bloated. A glut of information has made a traffic jam on the "Information Superhighway" most commonly referred to as the Internet. The glut of information has "news organizations" scrambling to find a new edge or new story to report before any other "news organization". The basic purpose of the establishment of news organizations is to report to ...

Number of words: 373 | Number of pages: 2

Crime And Punishment

... on the common human. The rebellion of these humanists against the system and the reality of human life becomes more important, thus love becomes the filter and the servant of pride and ideals. The cause of XIX c. liberals becomes more important to them than the actual human being that might not fit the picture of their perfect and humane society. Through these problems and opposites which cross and overlap each other, Dostoevsky depicts social issues, especially the problem of murder, through an image of people who go through ...

Number of words: 3951 | Number of pages: 15

The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz

... twice."(pp. 104 & 105) Duddy did not have the same kind of affection and devotion Lennie and Max shared. The same situation came from his uncle, Benjy. At first sight, Benjy described him as having a "thin crafty face, the quick black eyes and the restlessness...the grain so shrewd and knowing, all made a bad impression on Uncle Benjy." (p. 61) Benjy supported Lennie, giving him money for his education. With the exception of Simcha, he had no other parental support which is the reason why Simcha words had such a great effect on him. D ...

Number of words: 609 | Number of pages: 3

Ibsens Ghosts

... his father was a pillar of the community. He begins to fall in love with his mother's maid. ? His mother is extremely alarmed when she realises what is happening. She is the only one who really knows what her dead husband was like, and she knows that he was in fact the father of the serving girl. There are parallels between her past history and the story of Nora in The Dollshouse; she too tried to leave her husband, though he was far more unpleasant than Nora's. She, however, was persuaded to return by the local church minister, with whom ...

Number of words: 1738 | Number of pages: 7

Lord Byron

... his writings were influenced greatly because of the pain and abuse he suffered in his youth. I will attempt to point out the many possibilities to this. George Gordon Byron was known as during his lifetime. Byron was born in 1788 and died at the early age of thirty-six in the year 1824. His handsome face, riotous living and many love affairs made Byron the most talked-of man of his day. H was known as a romantic, fascinating figure to his fellow Englishmen. In our current century his reputation has dwindled to merely being kno ...

Number of words: 3440 | Number of pages: 13

A Student's Reading Of The Politics Of Rich And Poor

... American Electorate in the Regan Aftermath, the consequences of the decisions made by the United States government while under the presidency of Republican Ronald Regan. Phillips' theme of the widening gap between the upper twenty percent of the population, in respect to annual income in actual dollars, with the lower twenty percent of the population coincides with the belief of the typical American avarice, during the eighties, leading the country on a rollercoaster ride of economic instability and shaky ground. These ideas remain ...

Number of words: 991 | Number of pages: 4

A Portrait Of The Artist

... he could obtain from being part of the church's clergy. At the end of the meaning however a dark warning that he must think of his decision. "you must be quiet sure, Stephen, because it may depend the salvation of your eternal soul." It is almost like the priest had been reading the life of Stephen and knew that he had other worldly wishes. This final comment puts Stephen into mood that would in fact change his mind. During this time when Stephen is leaving the meeting James Joyce uses imagery as before in the novel to compel the reader ...

Number of words: 616 | Number of pages: 3

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