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Carnivorous Plants

... like the plant in "Little Shop of Horrors". Almost all carnivorous plants have a basically similar ecology and several different species are often found growing almost side by side. They are most likely to be found in swamps, bogs, damp heaths and muddy or sandy shores. Drosophyllum lusitanicum from Portugal and Morocco is the one exception, it grows on dry gravelly hills. Like other green plants, carnivorous plants contain the organic pigment chlorophyll. This pigment helps to mediate a chemical process called photosynthesis. This conv ...

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Nuclear Weapons

... After the United States dropped "Fat Man" and "Little Boy" on Japan, which ended WWII, the public has had some type of understanding about the power of plutonium and the devastating properties it possesses. After WWII, Americans started to think about what the atomic bomb could do to the United States and it's people. When ever plutonium was mentioned the first thing that came to people's minds were the bombings of Hiroshima or Nagasaki. No one ever considered the fact that plutonium could be used for more constructive purposes ...

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Alternative Medicine

... providers as well as the omnipresent Health Maintenance Organizations (“HMO”). The primary emphasis and, for that matter, the only reason for the existence of insurance companies is a single word, profit. More specifically, premiums less costs provide the all important profit margin, the life blood of the insurance industry. By not providing coverage for the billion dollar industry of alternative treatments, insurance companies are keeping the cost of the premiums down but at the same time not allowing their customers to use ...

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Multiple Sclerosis

... have also shown that the disease strikes the middle and upper class more than the lower class and poor. Worldwide research shows that MS has a broad geographical distribution. It has long established that MS is more prominent in colder regions and rare in tropical areas. Maine being a colder climate has shown some of the highest rates of MS.2 There is evidence of a slight increase in MS among first degree relatives--parents, siblings, and children. It is also suspected that the same family members may inherent a genetic suscepti ...

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... with phlogiston. According to Stahl, wood is made up of phlogiston and ash, because only ash is left after combustion. His ideas soon brought speculations of doubt. When metal is burned, its ash has a greater mass than the original substance. Stahl tried to cover himself by saying that phlogiston will take away from a substance's mass or that it had a negative mass, which weren't relevant to his original theories. In the Eighteenth Century Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, in France, discovered an important detail in the understanding of the ...

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Plastic Not Paper

... energy, they are practical and they are better for the environment. That's why plastic bags are the best choice at the check out line. Of course your wondering how plastic bags save money, well just think 2,000 paper bags stacked on each other reaches a height of about 7.25 inches, while paper reaches a soaring height of 7.5 feet. This means it takes seven trucks to deliver the same amount of paper as one plastic delivering truck. Talk about a big waste of gas. Plastic bags cost about ¼ of a cent to make, while paper cost close to 3 ...

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Power Of The Atom

... Believe it or not, but there was a time when these things were non-existent. At one time people sent messages to other towns through a thing called “wiring” basically it’s communication using morse code. They also had an extremely slow mailing service, that took weeks to meet it’s desired destination, because they had to walk on foot or on horse back. There were no cars, and there were no airplanes, only there own two legs, and a horses. Something needed to be done. It took way too long to get into contact with people, and it took ...

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... these files and putting them onto your computer. If you can find an easy way of downloading MP3s it is very possible that you may never want to buy another album again. MP3 is only one of several types of digital CD quality music that can be saved and also played on your personal computer. I personally like MP3 the best because I find them to sound better. To play these files you need a MP3 player. There are a couple different types of players out on the internet. The most common player for MP3s is a program called Winamp. Winamp ...

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An Experiment In Edge Damage

... wear patterns caused by sawing wood, and to ultimately decide if use-wear analysis is indicative of the function of past tools. A small obsidian flake would be used in this experiment. It was approximately forty-eight millimeters long, thirty-four millimeters wide, and seven millimeters thick. From the ventral view, the left side was serrated. This seemed like the most appropriate side to use as a saw. A small round twig, a centimeter thick, from a local deciduous tree was used as the wood subject. The exact species of the tree i ...

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... barbaric urges. If we neglect to deal with these ideals, than the world as we know it may not be as great a world for our children as it was for us. First, we need to understand that the oceans are not the vast resources that we believe them to be, but just vulnerable natural resources. Before Columbus' day, the ocean were thought to be boundless. Although Columbus proved this theory incorrect, the thought still remains in today's societies. “For we of the 20th century still treat the ocean as the endless, bottomless pit it was consid ...

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A Beginning And End

... each season is so important to the outcome of the next, because the seasons are all entwined. The activities which are common to each season have a profound effect on the cycle of plant and animal life. There is a reason for all seasons, two of which are spring with its new beginning and autumn with its incipient decline. Mother nature wakes after a long restful sleep, stands, claps her hands, and calls spring to attention because this is the time of reawakening, a sudden surprising emergence after a period of concealed existence. I rise ...

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Cryogenics And The Future

... use a different measurement called the Kelvin (K). The Kelvin scale for Cryogenics goes from 173 K to a fraction of a Kelvin above absolute zero. There are also two main sciences used in cryogenics, and they are Superconductivity and Superfluidity. Cryogenics first came about in 1877, when a Swiss Physicist named Rasul Pictet and a French Engineer named Louis P. Cailletet liquefied oxygen for the first time. Cailletet created liquid oxygen in his lab using a process known as adiabatic expansion, which is a "thermodynamic pro ...

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