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Dna Identification System

... be held on this one card. Would the identification system be a benefit or not. It will defiantly change the way we do things. The does have its benefits, as it would help in the medical department. If you were rushed to hospital from a car accident and you are unconscious the doctor will know if you were allergic to the anaesthetic or if you were a private patient or not. This would also help in the crime department, as it would store the whole of the Australian population of individuals over the age of 18. This would have all the informati ...

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... only is the particle the smallest light unit but it is a particle as well as a wave. In beams of light whether they are ordinary natural or artificial the photon waves will not be traveling together because they are not being emitted at exactly the same moment but instead at random short bursts. Even if the light is of a single frequency that statement would also be true. A laser is useful because it produces light that is not only of essentially a single frequency but also coherent, with the light waves all moving along in unison. Lasers ...

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Coping With Computers

... The resulting situation is a work force that has been caught with their ‘pants down.' For many of the senior members of this workforce, they are at a disadvantage when it comes to competing with newer college graduates in today's computer world. This article deals with the feelings of one particular person in this position. Linda Ellerbee, a journalist and author owns a television production company. She also has her own column in Windows magazine. Her experiences with modern computer technologies range from the terminals of the 197 ...

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Local Area Networks

... a short distance to cover. In most cases a LAN only occupies one or a group of buildings located next to each other. For larger area need there are several other types of networks such as the Internet. LANs systems can be defined and connected in many different ways. This is the reason for the standardization for every one can have a common ground to start from. “The LANs described Herein are distinguished from other types of data networks in that they are optimized for a moderate size geographic area such as a single office building, ware ...

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Can Computers Understand?

... John Searle addresses the point of the ability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand, in Mind Brains, and Programs. His main argument is that because AI's are computers and computers have no thoughts of their own, they cannot understand. Any actions being performed to simulate behavior are confined by the programs available to the computer. He presents the example of a man linking Chinese characters and appearing to know the language, but in reality the man is just following the instructions given to him ( the progr ...

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Windows NT Vs Unix As An Operating System

... fiction to them. However MULTICS proved more difficult than imagined to implement and Bell Labs withdrew from the project in 1969 as did General Electric, dropping out of the computer business altogether. One of the Bell Labs researchers (Ken Thompson) then decided to rewrite a stripped down version of MULTICS, initially as a hobby. He used a PDP-7 minicomputer that no was using and wrote the code in assembly. It was initially a stripped down, single user version of MULTICS but Thompson actually got the system to work and one of his colleagu ...

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The Future Of Security

... and can be switched at anytime. This account will contain one’s available monetary amount, photograph, retina scan, and public record. Accounts will be credited automatically on the person’s designated payday by the company’s accountant. Deposits other than paychecks can be made at any financial institution as long as the creditor has the account number. Purchases will be made by debiting the account upon comparing the customer’s retina scan with the one in the database of the account owner and making sure the funds are available ...

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A New Technology

... 12 months." Using an iris-scanning ATM is just as easy as using a regular machine, van Naarden says. The computer uses three cameras to find and photograph your eye. The first two zero in on your eyes using a computerized facial template. The third camera takes a high-resolution photo of your eye, which the ATM then compares to a photo taken when you opened your bank account. If the two match, you can withdraw money. You won’t have to look into a viewfinder, or even open your eyes wider than normal. The cameras work at a range ...

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Government Intervention On The Internet

... network, originally called Arconet, was developed and funded solely by and for the U.S. government. It was to be used in the event of a nuclear attack in order to keep communications lines open across the country by rerouting information through different servers across the country. Does this mean that the government owns the Internet, or is it no longer a tool limited by the powers that govern. Generalities such as these have sparked great debates within our nation's government. This paper will attempt to focus on two high profile et ...

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Problems Of Modernization In Developing Nations

... nations, The United States and Europe, are located in the northern hemisphere. On the other hand most of the developing world, Central and South America and Africa, are found in the southern hemisphere. The "well fed", well dressed individual holding the industrialized world indicates that the modernized nations of the world are prosperous, and have a high standard of living. The skinny, poorly dressed individual holding the developing world indicates that the developing nations of the world are not prosperous, and have a lower standard ...

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Facing Reality

... or think about what the end results of their work might be utilized for. Weizenbaum has visited Germany a few times, and says that he is amazed by the sights in Germany that appear routine to the country's citizens. For example he has witnessed the feeling that every German citizen lives to close to nuclear weapons storage facilities. And the threat of soviet attacks that they must live with everyday are uncomprehending. He says the United States is no more distant from catastrophe than the Germans, for he states that Americans experience of ...

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History Of The Propeller

... airscrew, however, belongs to J.P. Paucton, a French mathematician. Paucton envisioned a flying machine that had two airscrews, one for propulsion and the other for sustaining flight. The idea of using an airscrew for propulsion was utilized during the late 1700’s to early 1800’s. Only after experimentation did the inventors conclude that more propulsive power could be obtained by merely straightening out the surface of the airscrew blades. Attempts to utilize the “straight blade” propeller were made by balloonists. These contraptio ...

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