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Virtual Reality: What It Is And How It Works

... that they would be doing it so effectively. Jaron Lanier first coined the phrase "virtual reality" around 1989, and it has stuck ever since. Unfortunately, this catchy name has caused people to dream up incredible uses for this technology including using it as a sort of drug. This became evident when, among other people, Timothy Leary became interested in VR. This has also worried some of the researchers who are trying to create very real applications for medical, space, physical, chemical, and entertainment ...

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Society And Technology

... today. Machines alleviate us of a lot of hard work that had to be done by hand, so in this sense, we have become more civilized. On the other hand though, not all the technology we have is used for good. Society has produced many weapons specialized to kill large quantities of people. Many people have to live in constant fear o these weapons, while others use them for protection. We still have as many wars as we did in the past, but now the new technology used in them helps bring about more casualties. Could this be crueler than our ance ...

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Privacy And Anonymity And Information Network Technologies

... particularly that of the Internet this information can be sold and exchanged quite easily. Before the use of widespread computer technologies, our personal information had no real value beyond its immediate transaction. When data and information was provided by a citizen or consumer it had no secondary reuse. However, due to advances in technology and data retrieval systems and transactions, information has been given commercial value, especially with regards to the issue of who owns and controls this information. The informati ...

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... "red light district." On June 14, 1995, by a vote of 84-16, the United States Senate passed the amendment. It is now being brought through the House of Representatives.1 The Internet is owned and operated by the government, which gives them the obligation to restrict the materials available through it. Though it appears to have sprung up overnight, the inspiration of free-spirited hackers, it in fact was born in Defense Department Cold War projects of the 1950s.2 The United States Government owns the Internet and has the responsibility t ...

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... needed. NOTE: many software licenses provide for the application to be used only by one person at a time, hence, several people could not use it simentinsouly. This type of setup improves the use ratio of certain applications which are expensive. Licensing agreements can often be purchased for additional users for less than the cost of additional full copies. Physical Resources Printers and backup systems are two examples of special hardware which often have low use rates. By setting up several computers to share these resourc ...

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Technology And Progress

... stemmed from my own ignorance of the consequences. As a child I was largely ignorant to the nature of the world around me. I did not understand the nature of pain and suffering and as a result I did not understand such concepts as cruelty. During these formative years I spent much of my time with my pet dog Barney. Barney was a kind natured dog who put up with far more than he should have from me. Still unable to understand that my actions could cause annoyance or pain to another, I often would often tease my dog for my own entertainmen ...

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How Technology Effects Modern America

... school dropouts, by a sixth for high school graduates, and by about 7% for those with some college education. Only the wages of college graduates are up. Of the fastest growing technical jobs, software engineering tops the list. Carnegie Mellon University reports, “recruitment of it's software engineering students is up this year by over 20%.” All engineering jobs are paying well, proving that highly skilled labor is what employers want! “There is clear evidence that the supply of workers in the [unskilled labor] categories already ex ...

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America Online: Is It For Me?

... choose to stay online with a monthly fee. This monthly fee can be either $9.95 or $19.95 depending on how many hours you plan on using. If you are concerned that your children will visit web pages you prefer that they don't, then you can put parental guards on that don't allow them to visit those web pages. If you aren't familiar with web pages, they are basically ads that you look at containing information about the company, person, or product. Also you can sign your child on as a child or teen which keeps them out of restricted areas. ...

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Hate Groups And The Internet

... from the web, measures need to be taken to ensure their influences do not reach the impressionable youth of the "net-generation". The web has provided a new medium for these groups, one which covers a distance previously thought unattainable, and with this comes the ability to reach out farther into our society with messages of hate. The technological advances made as the Internet grew in popularity also allowed these groups to provide a new and unique look into the heart of bigotry in our society, and one which appeals to the instant grati ...

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Censorship And The Internet

... people agree that the internet contains some content that children should not view, censoring the entire internet will cause more of a problem because it will infringe on the First Amendment and other civil liberties that Americans have fought and bled over for the past 200 years. Almost three years ago, Congress approved the Communications Decency Act, (CDA) which "was designed to protect children by prohibiting "indecent" speech or images from being sent through cyberspace."(Quittner) This law seems somewhat harmless at a first glance u ...

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Development Of The Submarine

... divined. However, they remained unrealized for quite a while. Although Fulton probably foresaw that his invention would be used for war, he hardly could have envisioned it launching projectiles with the capability to level entire countries. However, after a series of innovations in nuclear missile and submarine designs, the submarine-launched ballistic missile has become an integral part of our naval weapons arsenal. To understand the need for the development of nuclear missile submarines, there is a need to examine the political climate of t ...

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Battle Of Computer Bytes

... much harder. Windows 3.x have been great improvements over the earlier versions of Windows, and of course over DOS, but it still didn't compete against the ease of use on a Mac. The Windows 95 interface is much better than Windows 3.x. It borrows some from the Macintosh interface and has improved on it. Some improvements are the ability to work with folder icons that represent directories and subdirectories in DOS. Windows 95, unlike the Mac, logically groups data and resources. A Taskbar menu lets you call up and switch between any softw ...

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