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The Growing Popularity Of Computers

... Consumers and businesses everywhere are rushing to get on the Web, and the PC makes that easy. But what really sets the PC apart is the incredible empowerment and flexibility it offers in a single, economical package. Sitting at your PC, you can do your taxes, surf the Web, write letters, e-mail friends, play games, plan a business, buy a car, do your homework... in fact, do whatever you want. The PC has given the average American the kind of computing power that 10 years ago was found only in large corporations. Yet people now take ...

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Video Games: The High Tech Threat To Our Younger Generation

... industry has been a growing concern to the religious groups, responsible politicians and bewildered parents for the disturbing contents and the substandard themes in some of its games. The videogame technology must be recognised for its role and influence on the younger generation because, for better or worse, it clearly affects their academic and social life. Indeed, statistics are really alarming on the videogame industry. It is a multi-million dollar business growing at 40 per cent a year from 1987 to 1993 (Palmeri 102). Tetzeli in hi ...

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A Tour Of The Pentium Pro Processor Microarchitecture

... carefully interwoven, modified, enhanced, tuned and implemented to produce the Pentium Pro microprocessor. This unique combination of architectural features, which Intel describes as Dynamic Execution, enabled the first Pentium Pro processor silicon to exceed the original performance goal. Building from an already high platform The Pentium processor set an impressive performance standard with its pipelined, superscalar microarchitecture. The Pentium processor's pipelined implementation uses five stages to extract high throughput from the ...

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Carburetion Versus Fuel Injection

... cubic inch engine should be equipped with today’s computerized electronic fuel injection system or the traditional carbureted system. I argue with my father that today's E.F.I (Electronic Fuel Injection) system is the wave of the future and the only way to go, but the old man continually reminds me of the way things used to be when he was young. Despite the outstanding performance of carbuated cars on the racetrack, I believe that the future of the automotive world lies in computer controlled fuel injection systems. In order to und ...

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The Dependability Of The Web

... the computer business that he really underestimated. As one of the richest men in the world I doubt if he makes too many mistakes. Nobody could have predicted that the internet would expand at this rate and that's probably the reason why troubles are arising about the dependability of the web. As usage soars (some estimate there will be over eighty million users by the end of 1997) could the internet overload? Even though no one predicted the popularity of the net some are quick to foresee the downfall or doomsday of this fade. If you ...

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How Magnets Affect Computer Disks

... used to advertise different types of software, such as: Software for the internet advertised on America Online Floppies. Floppies are also considered to be very sensitve data storage mediums. These Disks have numerous advantages and disadvanteges. Even though floppies are used so commonly they are also not very dependable. They have numerous conditions under which they should normally be kept. For example: the actuall magnetic disk inside the hard cover of the disk must NEVER be touched, the magnetic disk inside, must be protected by the me ...

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Truth And Lies About The Computer Virus

... virus crashes or ruins the infected computer. A anti-virus company obtains a copy of the virus and studies it. The anti-virus company makes an "unbiased" decision about the virus and then disclose their findings to the public. The problem with the current system is that there are no checks and balances. If the anti-virus company wants to make viruses seem worse all they have to do is distort the truth. There is no organization that certifies wheather or not a virus is real. Even more potentially harmful is that the anti-virus companie ...

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Computers And Crime

... few would do anything to harm another human, and most do not consider their crime to be truly dishonest. Most are males: women have tended to be accomplices, though of late they are becoming more aggressive. Computer Criminals tend to usually be "between the ages of 14-30, they are usually bright, eager, highly motivated, adventuresome, and willing to accept technical challenges."(Shannon, 16:2) "It is tempting to liken computer criminals to other criminals, ascribing characteristics somehow different from 'normal' individuals, but that i ...

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Dell Computer Corporation

... arranges for system installation and management, guides customers through planning for and carrying out technology transitions, and provides an extensive range of other value-added services. The company designs and customizes products and service to the requirements of the organizations and individuals purchasing them, and sells an extensive selection of peripheral hardware and computing software through its DellWare program. Nearly two-thirds of Dell’s sales are to large corporations, government agencies and educational instituti ...

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... con's and how it can help our friendly IT Manager enhance developments or implementations. Introduction Outsourcing can be defined as a contract service agreement in which an organisation hires out all or part of its IT responsibilities to an external company. More and more companies are leaning towards outsourcing it could be said that this may be caused by the growing complexity of IT and the changing business needs of an organisation. As a result, an organisation may find that it is not possible to have all its IT services supplied from ...

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F117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter

... is 65' 11", the height of the Nighthawk is 12' 5", and the empty fighter weight is 29,500lbs. The maximum total weight this fighter can hold is 52,500lbs. The wingspan from side-end to side-end is 43¢ 4² and the area of one wing is 1,140 ft. squared The speed of the Nighthawk is in the high subsonic range because the cruise speed is from Mach .8 to Mach .9 and the maximum speed is Mach 1 at 36,000 ft. The range of the Nighthawk is unlimited with air refueling from another plane. The engines of the Nighthawk are two 12,500lb. General ...

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Macintosh Vs. IBM

... their first personal computer (PC) which was called the Model 5100. It carried a price tag of about $9,000 which caused it to be out of the main stream of personal computers, even though their first computer did not get off to as big as a start they had hoped it did not stop them from continuing on. Later on IBM teamed up with Microsoft to create an operating system to run their new computers, because their software division was not able to meet a deadline. They also teamed up with Intel to supply its chips for the first IBM personal co ...

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