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Re-educating A King: King Lear's Self-Awareness

... Lear views his friends and family, and thus he is stripped of everything before he can realize the folly of his judgment. Reduced to a simple man, Lear is forced to learn the lessons that God's anointed is already supposed to know. This is the purpose of the secondary characters of King Lear; they serve to show the many complex facets of Lear's complex personality, as they force him to finally get in touch with his self-conscious. For example, the Fool, oddly enough, acts as the voice of reason for the out-of -touch King. He views ...

Number of words: 1162 | Number of pages: 5

The Crucible: Deterioration Of Social Order In Salem

... tragedy in Salem. The isolation of the Puritan society created a rigid social system that did not allow for any variation in lifestyle. The strict society that was employed at this time had a detrimental effect on the Proctor family. John Proctor, a hard working farmer who had a bad season the year before and struggling this year was occasionally absent at Sunday service. This was due to the fact he needed to tend to his crops. Also, Proctor did not agree with the appointment of Mr. Parris as the newest minister, and therefore did not hav ...

Number of words: 829 | Number of pages: 4

Movie: Twelve Angry Men

... when the initial poll is taken Juror #8 (Henry Fonda) registers a shocking not guilty vote. Immediately the room is in uproar. The rest of the jury resents the inconvenient of his decision. After questioning his sanity they hastily decide to humor the juror #8 (Henry Fonda) by agreeing to discuss the trial for one hour. Eventually, as the talks proceed juror #8 slowly undermines their confidence by saying that the murder weapon is widely available to anyone, and that the testimony of the key witness is suspect. Gradually they are wo ...

Number of words: 1552 | Number of pages: 6

Romeo And Juliet: Chance And Its Role

... in the Middle East believe in fate full out. So much that they travel at crazy speeds in their cars around corners without thinking twice. They believe that if there is a car around that corner, then it was fated to happen and they would still die if they were going the speed limit. I believe that Romeo & Juliet dug there own holes with bad decisions. Chance plays a major part in the story. Everything starts in the very beginning when Montegue and Capulet servants just happen to cross paths in a public place. This is a chance meeting ...

Number of words: 713 | Number of pages: 3

Death Of A Salesman: Willy's Suicide Is His Downfall

... success and righteous person. Willy says to Biff in Act 1, “Be liked and you will never want” (1363). Willy is very misguided in his thoughts of how to be a successful person. In Willy’s mind success, respect, affection, and authority come to those who are liked by everyone not the studious people who others disliked. Willy is also disillusional in his American dream. He asks Bernard in Act 2, “What-what’s the secret”(1391). Willy wants to know the “key” to being successful. He does not understand that the “key” is ...

Number of words: 478 | Number of pages: 2

The Star Wars Trilogy

... Luke's home. With no where to go R2-D2 leads Luke to Old Ben. One of the last Jedi Nights Ben takes Luke and the droids across the universe to The planet Orion on search of help. They meet Han Solo and Chewbacca who have a ship to get them there. At this time in an attempt to get the co- ordinates for the Rebel base from the Princess Darth Vader, A leader of the Empire, Destroy Orion with there new space station the Death Star. As Luke and Han Aboard the Falcon get near the old planet they are caught by the Death Star. Once in side they esca ...

Number of words: 797 | Number of pages: 3

Television And Its Affect On Our Lives

... technological advances that has been made in the past twenty years shape and mold today's society. Some people television and cable is the source of today's laziness in children. They believe it teaches the viewer to live in a fantasy-land, where violence is permitted and bathroom humor is considered comedy. They say it will turn a mind into mush. I disagree with these thoughts. Television and cable are not just comedy shows, they offer educational background as well. Through this technological breakthrough, I can receive up to the ...

Number of words: 450 | Number of pages: 2

Movie: All About Eve

... stage actresses and put herself high on a pedastel, and looked at someone like Eve as being below her, a poor soul that could be of no threat to anyone, especially Margo Channing. Eve played the meek and shy girl that idolized Margo. She claimed to attend all the preformaces of the play that week due to the fact that she adored Margo and she would have nowhere else to go anyway. Doing this allowed Eve to get her foot in the door. If it wasn't for Margo's conceitedness, Eve would have had to work a little bit harder to get this. Margo took ...

Number of words: 931 | Number of pages: 4

Oedipus Rex: Tragedy Of Fate

... fulfilled his prophecy. The conflict here lies with the struggle between the all powerful gods and the mere will of the humans. The prophecy had been made about Oedipus as soon as he was born. Once the destiny was foretold by the gods, no amount of hope, faith, or vain effort by human beings could have prevented it. As soon as there was interference with fate, it was counteracted by the divinities. Jocasta wanted to kill the baby, so she skewed his legs together, had a servant bring him to the forest and leave him for dead. The serva ...

Number of words: 746 | Number of pages: 3

"Planet Of The Apes"

... I do not agree with Mr. Burroughs. Imagine the world if humans did not have language. Life would not be as we know it today. Consider how valuable language would have been to the mutes in the movie. When they were being chased and whipped like animals, would they not have been able to plot an escape to avoid capture and imprisonment by the apes if they had been able to communicate? Yes, they would have been free to live as equals. The apes and the humans would have been co-inhabitants of the earth rather than creatues in a superior- ...

Number of words: 467 | Number of pages: 2

Hamlet - The "Real" Tragedy

... Polonius often acts in a deceitful manner when dealing with Hamlet, it is only because he is carrying out plans devised by the king or queen to discover the nature of Hamlet’s madness. Being the king’s Lord Chamberlain, it is his duty to obey the king and queen’s wishes and it is this loyalty that eventually proves to be fatal for him. An example of hoe Polonius’ innocent involvement with the royalty results in his death can be found at the beginning of Act III, scene iv, when Hamlet stabs him while he is hiding behind the ...

Number of words: 901 | Number of pages: 4

Catastrophes That Plagued Characters In Romeo And Juliet

... the plan to unite Romeo and Juliet long enough. He should have gotten a reliable messenger to inform Romeo of the situation. Romeo's friend Mercutio was a very witty energetic man. If he held his tongue and thought about what he said before acting on them he would not have gotten into so many fights. His jokes were probably taken lightly be his friends Romeo and Benvolio because they were accustomed to hearing Mercutio's voice constantly. Mercutio should not have tried to tease Tybalt because of the rivalry between Tybalt's family and ...

Number of words: 544 | Number of pages: 2

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