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Macbeth: Man Of Established Character

... in his conduct mainly by an inordinate desire for worldly honors; his delight lies primarily in buying golden opinions from all sorts of people. But we must not, therefore, deny him an entirely human complexity of motives. For example, his fighting in Duncan's service is magnificent and courageous, and his evident joy in it is traceable in art to the natural pleasure which accompanies the explosive expenditure of prodigious physical energy and the euphoria which follows. He also rejoices no doubt in the success which crowns his efforts i ...

Number of words: 1826 | Number of pages: 7

Othello: Iago As Satan

... and Folk Tales, Metaphysical Bible Dictionary)have been quick to point out. Coincidentally enough, those are also traits which we as a class were quick to point out for Iago. One of the most blatantly deceiving things Iago said was that "Desdemona is directly in love with him"2; him being Michael Cassio. As readers, we know that this is completely untrue even from the beginning. In Act 1 Scene 3 Line 292, Desdemona says "I love him," and goes on demanding, "Let me go with him"3 ; she was talking about Othello and traveling with him to Cyprus. ...

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... selling points of is that it is such a unique play. It would be quite hard to try and find a play which was written with more intelligence and ingenuity. In the play, Shakespeare actually includes a part where the characters in the play actually sit and watch a play being performed. The idea of a play within a play just adds more to the overall effect of the play, and makes the events seem more real and believable. Also by having the characters of the play watch a play, it makes them seem more real with characteristics like actual peopl ...

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TV Violence

... manner. This stands is examined in the Maclean's article intitled,"Power to the people. Television's teen Rangers Kick up a storm. The author of this article, Particia Chrisholm, explains a heated debate over the affects that the kids show "The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" has on children. According to this article, the "hemeted lycra covered Rangers" acts as a bad influence on children. Many parents have come to believe that the childen try to act like the kids hreo's. A cocerned mother, Kathryn Flannery went so far as to petition the C ...

Number of words: 1641 | Number of pages: 6

The Grapes Of Wrath

... as possible. The use of actual dialect of the Okies, was helpful to make the dialogue as realistic as possible. Throughout the movie the family's clothing, possessions and even the car added to the effect that Steinbeck had created when he wrote his novel long ago. As the movie progresses, there is actually two stories, one of the individual journey of the Joad family, and one for telling the general plight of the migrants. The director shows the individual family to show that the migrants are really people and to bring their plight home t ...

Number of words: 944 | Number of pages: 4

Analysis Of Advertisements For Two Different Things

... is a computer video game designed, quite obviously, for entertainment purposes. The second ad is from PC World, which is of a much more technical nature than its previous counterpart. The product in this ad is `Microsoft Project for Windows 95', a software used for businesses and project development teams. The `Monster Truck Madness' ad encaptivates the casual browser with its bright yellow background with a large purple type set across the top of the page accompanied by the words: `Size Matters". This leads the reader to ponder ...

Number of words: 1215 | Number of pages: 5

Antigone And Ismene

... Creon has refused to give a proper burial for the slain Polyneices, brother of Ismene and Antigone. Infuriated by this injustice, Antigone shares the tragic news with Ismene. From her first response, "No, I have heard nothing"(344). Ismene reveals her passivity and helplessness in the light of Creon's decree. Thus, from the start, Ismene is characterized as traditionally "feminine", a helpless woman that pays no mind to political affairs. Doubting the wisdom of her sisters plan to break the law and bury Polyneices, Ismene argues: ...

Number of words: 610 | Number of pages: 3

Shakespeare' As You Like It: Effective Use Of Sound In Jaques' Speech

... it, as opposed to merely reading it. The introduction is like a drum-roll before the show starts. The intonation at which the reader proceeds begins with a high sound due to” ...(a)ll...” 1 being the first word. The ‘aw' sound is repeated at the beginning and three times during the next sentence, “And all the men and women merely players;” (2.7.140). The next sentence is lower in pitch, using a lower ‘ e' sound “..exit and their entrances,” (2.7.141). Reappearing in the final two sentences, before the actual ages begin, is ...

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Grease: Theme

... performed (i.e. lip-synched) in. Then there's Olivia Newton-John. She's actually pretty in GREASE, you can't say that about her "Physical" and "Twist of Fate" days of the 80's. This is also her only good movie -- you can't say anything nice about XANADU, so don't say anything at all. People also love GREASE because it's the quintessential 50's nostalgia movie. It has everything, from the slumber party and malt shop to the dance contest and drag race. Better yet, it has a sense of humor about those days, to the point of including ultimate icon ...

Number of words: 504 | Number of pages: 2

King Lear: A Story Of Blindness

... daughters, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia, for who they really are until it is too late. The other story, of which I am writing, involves Gloucester and his two sons, Edgar and Edmund, and Gloucester’s similar inability to see beyond himself. An example of this inability occurs in the opening scene, when Gloucester is talking with Kent about his bastard son, Edmund. He does not seem to be able to understand how what he is saying affects Edmund. Gloucester tells Kent that he has an older son, “by order of law” (legitimate), and then h ...

Number of words: 768 | Number of pages: 3

National TV Turn-Off Week: A Dumb Idea

... a loving family. What don't they have? What they don't have is something to worry about. So, along comes Linda Weltner and National T.V-Turnoff Week. Problem solved. The middle class now has something to worry about. For years people have been watching television and no complaints have been made. No complaints about the endless information that comes from television. No complaints about the hours of entertainment that television has brought to people for years. But now people complain that we, as a people, are watching too much T.V ...

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William Shakespeare: Most Famous Of All English Writers

... married for a short while, however, the marriage was suspected to be an unhappy one because he spent much of his later life away from his family. Shakespeare's misfortune in love is shown in Much Ado About Nothing when it is said, "Speak low if you speak love." (Shakespeare). Contrary to this, the positive side of love is apparent: "Friendship is constant in all other things Save in the office and affairs of love: Therefore all hearts in love use their own tongues; Let every eye negotiate itself And trust no age ...

Number of words: 886 | Number of pages: 4

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