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Educating Rita – Coursework Piece

... she finds tedious and monotonous. Her family, particularly her husband Denny, think that she “should have had a baby by now; everyone expects it.” She has changed her name from Susan to Rita, which although she doesn’t realise it, is part of her attempt to change her personality. She says “They walk in the hairdressers an’ half an hour later they expect to walk out a different person.” Here she is being ironic and hypocritical. This helps the audience to realise that she has a lot to learn and emphasises the ‘problems’ ...

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Death Of A Salesman: Symbols

... over its in tended purpose. The deceptive nature of the hose is apparent when Willy is confronted about it by Biff his son and Willy denies its existence. A similar denial is also evident when Willy is confronted with the tape recorder in Howard's office. The tape recorder signifies the change in Willy's life throug h the advancement of technology. It also represents the end of Willy's career. This is brought about when Howard, Willy's boss and godson, shows the tape recorder to Willy and appe ars to be more interested in the sound and ...

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... He will not listen to the warnings he is given. He buries alive and his son killed himself because of it. He went back to save her, but it was too late. She hung herself. Creon’s wife then stabbed herself. Creon then had to continue living with all the guilt from killing all these people. I think that the reason Creon is forced to live until the end instead of being killed is because he needs to learn what it is like to suffer. He would have been a much better leader if he would have just kept an open mind and listened to what others, e ...

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Shakespeare's Definition Of A Ghost

... complex. For the Elizabethans, four different types of ghosts existed, each with its own purpose and qualities. Before they could determine the meaning behind the ghost's appearance, the Elizabethans had to classify the ghost in one of the four categories. Similar to the modern definition, the Elizabethans believed in the possibility of the ghost being an actual dead person sent to perform some task or mission. On the other hand, the ghost could be the devil disguised in the form of a deceased loved one, tempting to procure the soul of one ...

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"King Lear" And Parallel Plot - Crucial For The Play?

... plot really needed? Many argue that it is very important and others say it is completely useless. This essay will try to prove that the parallel plot used in "King Lear" is needed and it adds to overall value of the play. Like any other kind of literature "King Lear" contains many themes; one of which is the "parent-child relationship" conflict. Relationship problems are very common, not only in novels but also in everyday life. Lear starts the entire dilemma of hate and destruction by his foolish desire for flattery. He divides ...

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Movie Review Of My Dinner With Andre

... happen to stay focused throughout the movie, he or she will be lucky to gain important insights on life. Andre addresses the issues dealing with the Levels of Being when he talks about naming all objects, including those that are inanimate. In this situation, Andre explains how in order to ensure that everything is treated with equal respect, everything deserves a name. He describes how, in his travels, he "met" a refrigerator who was named and a stove that was names something else. He said that in naming these objects, you would ref ...

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Antigone: Creon's Decisions And His Downfall

... the past, but to live each day to its fullest. Upon our death beds we have flashbacks of our lives, as if we are searching for something that will allow us to live on. Many people try to accomplish heroic feats to gain immortality. The thought of being remembered as a hero allows the fear of death to diminish. Throughout the play "Antigone," Creon makes many choices and decisions which bring about his downfall. Due to these decisions, he is known as a tragic hero. A tragic hero is described as a person of high or noble birth, who is vir ...

Number of words: 1314 | Number of pages: 5

The Crucible: Reverend John Hale - A Dynamic Character

... seeks witches and gets them to confess, so god can bless them and rid them of the devil. An example of this is when he said to Betty, “In nomine Domini Sabaoth sui filiique ite ad infernos,” which means: In the name of the lord of hosts and his son get thee to the lower world. This shows reverend Hales views on witchery. Another example of Hale's character and his savings of witches is when he said, “Now Tituba, I know that when we bind ourselves to Hell it is very hard to break with it. We are going to help you tear yourself free- ...

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Julius Caesar: Brutus Is The Protagonist

... pull through, yet dies at play's end. Undoubtedly, Brutus is the main character, and driving force of the play, despite the misleading title of Julius Caesar. Three separate, critical aspects help to show the reader how unimportant Julius Caesar is to the play. Caesar appears, in dreams, and thoughts of multiple people, giving warnings and special messages. Nobody seems to pay attention to him. Anotherexample is illustrated by the way that Brutus seems to dominate his own actions, whatever he is thinking. Also, Antony declares ...

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Hamlet's Revenge

... his indecisiveness. Once the decision is made, everything else stems from that, but Hamlet is unsuccessful in committing to a decision. Hamlet cannot simply choose what to do because everything he does poses a question for him; therefore, he also thinks about the consequences. It is not which decision Hamlet makes, but the fact that he cannot make any decisions at all. He is nothing more than a compulsive talker and cannot come to a conclusion about what to do. Thus conscience does make cowards of us all, And thus the native hue of reso ...

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Immortality In Shakesperean Poetry

... passive about the course that their life takes. Renaissance man was expected to strive for higher achievements in every aspect of life. This included political, financial and cultural aspects. These ideas paved way for a new concept of immortality - immortality through art. Da Vinci painted "Mona Lisa" and became immortal through legacy that he left behind him. Beethoven wrote his "5th Symphony" and he is still remembered for it. These ideas of eternal life were mirrored in poetry of William Shakespeare - the Renaissance man of England. In a ...

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Movie Review: Yentl

... lead in their evolution. For example, since its creation over five thousand years ago, the Jewish religion has evolved in some movements to involve women and men equally in ceremonies. The orthodox movement has always remained traditional in its belief that women have their place in the home, cooking and raising children, and serving their husbands. Education remains the man's duty. The movie Yentl starring Barbara Streisand, shows this traditional belief through its plot, characterization, music, lights, camera angles, and symbolism. ...

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