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... that life does not end when one dies is an integral part of these religions and the culture of the Chinese people. Although not accepted by our beliefs, its understanding helps build strength in our own religion. Reincarnation, life after death, beliefs are not standardized between the religions. Each religion has a different way of applying this concept to its beliefs. Ignorance of these beliefs is a sign of weakness in the mind. To truly understand ones own religion, one must also understand those concepts of the other religions of the ...

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A Non-Religious Contract In America

... gay couples the rights that straight couples have in getting married. The United States has always had the idea of separation of church and state, and marriage is one issue that must maintain that idealogy in the eyes of the government. The key to separating church and state in the debate over marriage is taking the definition of marriage that best applies to society today. To do that we must look at marriage's state in the 1990's. Religion is losing its dominance in the issue of marriage. We cannot argue the fact that there are more d ...

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Islamic Religion

... are the largest monotheistic religions in world." Muslims believe that God is One, indivisible, and they also believe in all the prophets of the Christians and Jews including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Elias, Jonah, John the Baptist, and Jesus. In Islam there is no other individual like Him, and no one else worthy of worship. The followers of Islam, called Muslims believe in one God ‘Allah’ in Arabic, and that Mohammed was His last prophet. Islam began in Arabia when the Prophe ...

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The New Age Movement

... to address problems and offer possibilities primarily outside of established institutions. Networks tend to be decentralized, often having no single leader of headquarters and with power and responsibility widely distributed. Networks also see through many perspectives. The New Age movement is an extremely large and structured network of organization and individuals that are bound together by common values. These values are based on mysticism and monism which is the world view that "all is one". The New Age movement is not a cult by any ...

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... where he spent the rest of his life. [newadvent] The people of Israel were living in captivity, scattered into other towns, cities and nations. Israel was under the control of the Assyrians and Judah was under the control of Babylonia. Jerusalem and the Temple of God had been destroyed. God had left the house of Israel. Ezekial had a vision of dry bones, scattered in a valley of the desert, which arose and came to have life. This was a symbol of three things: 1. Of the resurrection of souls, from the death of sin, to the life of rig ...

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God's Character Traits

... he is the true God. Genesis 21:33 (called upon the Eternal God) and Psalm 111:10 (Praise his name forever) states that God is eternal. Righteousness is also one of God's traits. He is righteous to everyone. Psalm 11:7 (God is good and he loves goodness) and Psalm 119:137 (O Lord, you are fair and righteous) tell about God's righteousness. God is a spiritual God. Romans 12:1 (Give your bodies to God) and 1 Corinthians 2:13 (his words were given to us by the Holy Spirit) tells of God's spirituality. God is very just. He judges ...

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The Authors Of Mark, Luke, Matthew, And John's Gospel

... customs. Marks central theme is focused on the human suffering of Jesus in his passion and death. The author of the Gospel of Luke is believed to have been a physician who was a well-educated gentile who had converted to Christianity. This is not definite but it is the accepted thesis. But if this is true then the author of Luke is probably the only non-Jewish writer of the New Testament. As difficult as it is to date Luke's writing it is known that he had marks writing's at his disposal. And with this knowledge it is suggested that the ...

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Tuat, The Gods, Ceremonies, And Preparations For Coming To The West

... and Ammut are a few of the other gods associated with the underworld. As a member of ancient egyptian society died, that persons body and soul had to go through a series of preparations and trials. The body had to be prepared by numerous rituals and ceremonies, and the soul had to pass through a series of trials in order to travel the land of Osiris. Mummification, the feathe rof truth, and the trials of Tuat, are a few of these tasks that have to be completed before entering Tuat. The land of Tuat has mant gods, ceremonies and myths surr ...

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Text And Traditions: Work Requirement One Historical Reconstruction

... conquer Jerusalem. 38 BC - 4 BC Herod rules as king. Subject to Rome. 37 BC Jerusalem besieged for 6 months. 32 BC Herod Defeated. 31 BC - 14 AD Caesar Augustus Roman Emperor. 19 BC Herod's Temple begun. 16 BC Herod visits Agrppa. 4 BC Herod dies; Archelaus succeeds. 37 AD - 41 AD Caliguta Roman Emperor. 41 AD - 54 AD Claudius Roman Emperor. 54 AD - 68 AD Nero Roman Emperor. The first ...

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Crucifixion And Jesus

... except perhaps in the case of desertion by soldiers. It was customary for the condemned man to carry his own cross from the flogging post to the site of crucifixion outside the city walls. He was usually naked or had only a minimal amount of clothing. Since the weight of the entire cross was probably well over 300 lb. (136 kg), only the crossbar was carried. The crossbar, patibulum, weighing 75 to 125 lb. (34 to 57 kg), was placed on the victim's neck and balanced along both shoulders. Usually, the outstretched arms then were tied to the c ...

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The Existence Of God

... he gets the fool to agree that an existence in reality is greater than existence in understanding. In his third statement he gets the fool to agree that having all God's properties and existence in reality is conceivable. Now he moves on to saying a being having all of God's properties plus existence in reality is a being greater than God. He comes to this conclusion from the first two statements. Now he moves to the conclusion that a greater being than God can be conceived. This is evident from his third and fourth statements. By the ...

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Overview And Analysis Of The Crusades

... theirs. The first crusade was essentially started by Pope Urban II. On November 27, 1095, he gathered his followers outside the French city of Clermont-Ferrand. He preached to these people and told them that action needed to be taken. In response, the people cheered and planned their attack. Urban II brought together all of the bishops and urged them to talk to their friends and fellow villagers and to encourage them to participate in the crusades. Small groups started to form and each group would be self- directing. All the groups planned t ...

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