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Significance Of Ritual In North American Indian Religion

... basic understanding of what is seen to be of value in a certain theology. While most Native American rituals tend to be mono-cultural, there are a few rituals that frequently appear in many different regions and tribes across North America. Two of these widespread rituals are the ritual of the "sacred pipe," and sweat lodge ceremonials. The sacred pipe ritual is loaded with symbolic meaning, and offers a generous insight into Native American belief systems. This essay will first look at the dynamics of the sacred pipe ritual and offer so ...

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... religion. Even though it is not always logical. is immensely complex, vast, and interesting. It understands what being a human really is. It lets a person live for the right reasons and have a full understanding of his place on the earth. I have found that there is not one set definition for . The word is over two thousand years old. All of the Chinese philosophies used the word but the context in which the word is used varies. Tao originally meant “the way”, to a Taoist Tao is regarded as a substance or non-substance. One ...

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... impregnation by a sacred white elephant that touched her left side with a lotus flower. The scriptures claim that when Gautama was born ¹"immeasurable light spread through ten thousand worlds; the blind recovering their sight, as if from desire to see his glory" After birth the future Buddha (Gautama) supposedly talked and walked while lotus leafs formed in his footprints. Gautama's father was said to have been told his son's destiny for greatness, either as an emperor or as a religious leader. Therefore Gautama's father decided to iso ...

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... and LUTHERANS accept only two sacraments officially, Baptism and Holy Communion, but they recognize the other five "Catholic" sacraments as special graces. Both the PRESBYTERIAN and REFORMED churches strictly accept Baptism and Holy Communion as the only sacraments. METHODISTS, NAZARENES, WESLEYANS, and ADVENTISTS, and members of the CHURCH OF CHRIST, FULL GOSPEL CHURCH, ASSEMBLY OF GOD, and UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH also accept only Baptism and Holy Communion, but refer to them as ordinances, not sacraments. BAPTISTS also believe in these t ...

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... day while sitting under a fig tree he received Enlightnment. he gained the title of the Budda. And disscovered the four noble truths. The four noble truths, were principles that Budda beleived would lead to true happiness. The first noble truth was. That all things and people suffer. The second is, people suffer, because they desire. The third is, that suffering will end once people let go of there desires. And the fourth noble truth is, that the only way to end craving is by following the eight fold path to perfection. Ther ...

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Confucius And Confucianism

... position as an adviser to a wise ruler, but he failed. He hoped to do this in order to be able to employ his ideas for reforming society. If it wasn't for the disciples of Confucius his teachings would have never been spread around China, and he would have never been made known. His teachings were never written down by him, but his conversations and sayings were written down by his disciples in the analects. CONFUCIANISM Confucianism was the single most important thing in Chinese life. It affected everything in China; education, gov ...

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The Case For The Existence Of God

... of God. As Edward Thomson so beautifully stated it: "...the doctrine of the one living and true God, Creator, Preserver, and Benefactor of the universe, as it solves so many problems, resolves so many doubts, banishes so many fears, inspires so many hopes, gives such sublimity to all things, and such spring to all noble powers, we might presume would, as soon as it was announced, be received by every healthy mind." Some, however, contrary to their higher interests, have refused to have God in their knowle ...

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Jesus & Buddha

... and all these things will be given to you as well. Buddha: No. Comfort in the present and future must come from inside the self , not from a God. In meditation you will find the truth of life that will set you free from worry. Don't chase after the past, Don't seek the future; The past is gone The future hasn't come But see clearly on the spot That object which is now, While finding and living in A still, unmoving state of mind. This focus on the present is the beginning of the path to enlightenment which is ...

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The Bible And If God Exists

... the claim that they exist is so contrary to my own personal experience and reliable facts that I simply will not believe it unless very definitive proof is provided. Of course, if I visit someone's pet fish and it talks to me, I am still wiser to test the possibilities of trickery or insanity before believing it can talk. But if I found many fish that talked, trustworthy people confirmed it, scientists published carefully researched papers about them, and newspaper headlines read "INCREDIBLE DISCOVERY: TALKING FISH!" then it would be more tha ...

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Thomas Aquinas And The Existence Of God

... except it is in potentiality to that towards which is moved.” He means that an object starts as a potential and can only move to an actual if it has the potential to do so. For example, a house has the potential to be a pile of ashes, but it is not a pile of ashes it is actually a house. If you burned the house down then it would be actually a pile of ashes. Aquinas’s second step states, “Nothing can be reduced from potentiality to actuality, except by something in a state of actuality.” Aquinas means that the change of state req ...

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... born in the city of Ur. Abraham's real name was Abram. The father of Abram , Terach, had two other sons , Haran and Nachor. While living in the city of Ur , Abram married his half-sister, Sarai who later took on the name of Sarah. The newlyweds later learned that Sarai was sterile. They then traveled north to Charan, accompanied by Abraham's father Terach. While in Charan Terach died. It was in Charan where God made his first of a series of revelations to Abram. God spoke to Abram, and told him that he would promise to bless him and make a ...

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Your Journey Toward Christ

... under the dominion of Satan, the row houses on either side of you are inhabited by beings who are committed to keeping you from reaching your goal. They have no power or authority to block your path or even slow your step, so they hang out of the windows and call to you, hoping to turn your attention away from your goal and disrupt your progress by tempting you, accusing you and deceiving you. What is the enemy's goal in having his demons jeer you, taunt you, lure you, and question you from the windows and doorways along your path? He want ...

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