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... reasons. The tendency for religious affiliation to be nonexclusive is one. The other is the difficulty in getting information from Communist countries such as China. It's followers have divided into two main branches: Theravada and Mahayana. Theravada, the way of the elders, is dominant in India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia. Mahayana, the greater vehicle, refers to the Theravada as Hinayana, the lesser vehicle. It is dominant in India, Tibet, Japan, Nepal, Taiwan, China, Korea, Vietnam, and Mongolia. Siddhartha Guatama ...

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... by society as another “cult” movement? What conflicts or similarities would it find with modern science; physics in particular? The answers to these questions are the aim of this paper, as well as a deeper understanding of modern Buddhism. Although I will stick with traditional ideas raised by Buddhism, one detail in the story of Siddartha Guatama must be addressed in order for it to be relevant to the main question being asked: What obstacles would Siddartha Guatama face had he been born in modern day North America. Primarily, it ...

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Heaven's Gate Cult

... Among the thirty-nine there were twenty-one women and eighteen men. As they found the people, each person was laying on their bunks neatly. There as the police found them there was a packed suitcase, some had laid their glasses folded next to them, and each of them wore a black garment. Along with all of their neatly organized possessions was a patch on their arm that said, "Heaven’s Gate, Away Team." The leader’s of heaven’ Gate were Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles. They believed that the humans above all others sent Jesus ...

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The History Of Anti-Semitism Starting From The Bible To The Holocaust

... in the late 19th, and early 20th century, another mass murder of the Jews put more than 200,000 Jews to death. These massacres were later called the Pogroms (Glatzer). Many people believe that these early references and cases of anti-Semitism were the root for the Holocaust. From misconceptions of the Bible, the Great Crusades, to the early 20Th century Pogroms, they all helped build up a hate for the Jews . One of the first major anti-Semitic massacres took place during the Crusades. It was a period in which much of the civilized ...

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... the legend goes near the town of Kapilavastivu, today known as Nepal, lived King Suddhodhana and Queen Maya of the indigenous tribe known as the Shakyas. One night while Queen Maya was sleeping she had a dream that a white elephant with six tusks, carrying a locus flower in its trunk, touched her right side. At that moment her son was conceived. This dream was soon interpreted by the wise man Brahmin who came and said if her son were to remain in the castle he would become the wisest king in the world, but if he were to leave he would ...

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Christ: VICTORY!!

... the Lord upon it. The reason is because God loved us so much that he did that for us so that is the least that we could do. In Genesis 3:15 it says that we will be punished for our sins. Yes, that is true, but God will forgive and forget them if we repent. You see this is not possible without Jesus dying for our sins. In Romans 5:6-8 it says that Christ died for all of us. Even the bad ones, ALL. This is a sign of the Victory that Christ had won a victory here. The reason is because of all of the lifes that he saved and will later be saved. ...

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Good God

... experiencing death first? No men on this earth can! Not the Pope, Saint Anselm, nor William Paley, who actually tired to prove the existence of God. William Paley once said , “If a man wandered upon a hill, and discovered a watch; who would question the fact, that the watch was created by a designer?” It's possible that the statement is true, but a watch can't be compared to a universe's creation. Paley would later say that the world must have a designer, meaning a God. The watch of coarse must of been created by a designer, but the worl ...

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The Importance Of Having Several Different Translations Of The Bible

... make it easier to understand. Having one translation of the Bible would not make sense , but, several different versions make the Bible able to be read by almost everyone. If there were not as many translations of this holy book, the spread of Christianity would not be as great as it now is. Many interpretations make the Bible easier to understand by using the everyday language most people use. The Living Bible takes the confusing phrases that would normally take two or three times to read and sums them up in simple langua ...

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Should The Ten Commandments Be Posted In Public Schools?

... occurring our confused nation questions why are these terrible things occurring? Yet while these questions are being pondered the law forbids a public school to hang the Ten Commandments? Schools should be allowed to post the Ten Commandments. Not only would these terrible crimes be decreased, but also morality could be brought into our Nation once again. One reason the Ten Commandments should be posted is that the government has never passed a law implementing a separation of Church and State. Amendment 1 in the Bill of Rights states th ...

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Judaism: One Religion Or Many Small Religions?

... Middle East. In this discussion, many facets of Judaism will be examined, primarily in the three temporal subdivisions labeled the Tribal / Pre-Monarchy Period, the Divided Monarchy, and the Hasmonean / Maccabean and Roman Era. Among all the time periods where the religion has been split, these three seem to be the most representative of the forces responsible. As for a common thread seen throughout all Judiasms, the area of focus here is the place associated with the religion : Jerusalem. This topic will be covered in detail first, ...

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Religions' Views On Life After Death

... life after death. All religions came into existence in different ways. Christianity developed at around the death of Jesus, Which was 33 A.D. Under the Christian idea, which Jesus first started to preach, God created man. The first man who was created was Adam. The only reason that we don't use Neanderthals, the early cave dwellers, as a way to identify our first man is that they were not able to talk back to their Creator, worship him, and choose among alternative ideologies (Eerdmans' Handbook 31). Buddhism was founded about 500 B.C. or ...

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... mother's impregnation by a sacred white elephant that touched her left side with a lotus flower. The scriptures claim that when Gautama was born ¹"immeasurable light spread through ten thousand worlds; the blind recovering their sight, as if from desire to see his glory" After birth the future Buddha (Gautama) supposedly talked and walked while lotus leafs formed in his footprints. Gautama's father was said to have been told his son's destiny for greatness, either as an emperor or as a religious leader. Therefore Gautama's father decided ...

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