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The Protestant Reformation

... was in frequent disagreement with the Papacy over a variety of political matters, and there were intermittent wars with France. When Luther's ideas began to spread, they found fertile ground in Germany, and were protected in part because of the political climate. Both the Papacy and the King of France would be stern upholders of traditional Catholic ways. Luther being German gave him immediate sympathy within the German state governments. And, with the rise of nationalism at the time helped to protect him in spreading his ideas. The ...

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"Pope And Adult Web Sites Don't Mix."

... the bishop of Rome began to claim authority over the other patriarchs. This bishop became known as the pope, and soon was regarded as the head of all churches. The pope made many decisions that have affected history (i.e. Crusades, King Henry, etc.). Many of the lower-ranking bishops strove to become the pope, yet they took part in adultery, murder, and the like. They also persecuted anyone of another religion, and tortured him or her until confession. These examples do not speak highly of the man and religion that now do not want their ...

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Zeus, A Good God

... a thunderstorm made his presence felt as a thunder God interested in the affairs of mankind. Zeus was lord of the very things that helped mankind. Night as a period of rest, summer, spring and fall as harvest for food and winter as the death of the crops. This death was always a reminder that all things mortal die, thus telling the people to live with joy through their lives. Zeus bid the gentle rain to fall and fertilized the fields and meadows. Zeus was a life barrier to the Earth and its inhabitants and a necessary part of their every day ...

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The Effect Of The Russian Orthodox Religion On The Cult

... culture and changed the way Russians thought about themselves and the ways that they lived their lives. The church acted as a unifying factor for the Russian nation. Church holidays and fasts enriched and brought meaning to the cycle of seasons and sowing in the subsistence society. Russians possessed a deep religious faith and from it they derived a sense of purpose in the universe and the promise of salvation. The church nourished and preserved the culture of Russia during centuries of internal strife and foreign intervention. Orthod ...

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The Opening Of The Crusades: Pope Urban II

... this crusade; to whom this plea was addressed. In the year of our Lord's Incarnation one thousand and ninety-five, a great council was celebrated within the bounds of Gaul, in Auvergne, in the city which is called Clermont. Over this Pope Urban II presided, with the Roman bishops and cardinals. This council was a famous one on account of the concourse of both French and German bishops, and of princes as well. Having arranged the matters relating to the Church, the lord pope went forth into a certain spacious plain, for no building was large e ...

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... From the available evidence, Buddha apparently showed an early inclination to meditation and reflection, displeasing his father, who wanted him to be a warrior and ruler rather than a religious philosopher. Yielding to his father's wishes, he married at an early age and participated in the worldly life of the court. Buddha found his carefree, self-indulgent existence dull, and after a while he left home and began wandering in search of enlightenment. One day in 533 b.c. , according to tradition, he encountered an aged man, a sick man, and a co ...

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The History Of Christianity

... father in heaven. The main practice of the religion is to try to be like Jesus and commit as little sin as possible. When Jesus was 32 years old, the Romans crucified him, which fulfilled many prophets' “ visions” made hundreds of years before. In Christianity's holy book, the Bible, it is said that Jesus will come back and save all of his followers and defeat Satan, or the devil. This will be known as the second coming, or the rapture. The Bible is Christianity's holy book. This book is divided up into two parts, the Old Testament ...

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God And His Love

... nor touched, that they were willing to lose their lives. These people in ancient times had so much faith, that we, in todays society, cannot even come close to understanding. There were able to feel something, by their faith, not physically, but spiritually. To physically touch or feel something only gives your fingertips the reassurance that it is there. But, what does that do for you? To touch or feel with your heart gives your whole body the reassurance of life and love. To touch or feel with your spirit, it more importatn. It takes ...

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... is probably the most heavily debated topic in all Christianity. From whether baptism is essential for salvation, to what manner a person should be baptized in, the debates rage on and on. This paper will explore some of the different views of baptism, and discuss and Biblical backing they may have. BAPTISM: A DEFINITION Translation or Transliteration Our English word “baptism”, comes from the Greek work baptizo, meaning to dip or immerse. However in our English translations of the Bible, this Greek word is tran ...

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Confucianism And Christianity

... not by the passions of individuals arbitrarily empowered by hereditary status² (Clearly). He felt that this could be achieved through education and the unification of cultural beliefs. He believed that a nation would be benefited by citizens that were ³ cultivated people whose intellects and emotions had been developed and matured by conscious people² (Clearly). He felt that those born into the feudal system were had a personal duty to excel socially by means of power. Those who were of lesser class should also seek out e ...

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Violence In Religions Such As Islam, Christianity, And Hinduism

... one finds that Islam was no more violent than any other religion. In fact, not only is Islam not a fundamentally violent philosophy, but we can also see that many other religions normally considered “non-violent,” such as Christianity or Hinduism, have been spread through bloody conquest. Due to many incidents and conflicts of territorial ambitions, along with the want to “save” other less civilized cultures it is shown that Islam, Christianity, and of Hinduism have spread through conquest. Islam has, throughout the centuries, b ...

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The Islamic Faith

... great extent in this study. The outpour of these books brought forth many customs. Their fame became as religious as Islam's sacred text, the Koran. For men to be desired by a woman, must fulfill some regulations. He must practice an attitude in which he is anxious to please women and true to his word. In addition, he must be in good physical condition, have earnest proportions, and be handsome. In regards to his "member," it must be of generous length and girth. Thus, being able to fill the female body completely. The actual length, a ...

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