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An Overview Of Hacking

... money, either directly, or through the sale of the information obtained, or by blackmail. In today's fast-paced computerized world, knowledge is indeed power. Through the miracle of the Internet, information can be shared and accessed around the globe, instantaneously. At any given time, millions of people's credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other private data are flying through phone lines near your house. The downside to this technological marvel that we all use, whether we know it or not, is that thieves, disgruntled ne ...

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... They are great tools in almost everything you want to do research and applied technology, including constructing models of the universe to producing tomorrow's weather reports, and their use has in itself opened up new areas of development. Database services and computer networks make available a great variety of information sources. The same new designs also make possible ideas of privacy and of restricted information sources, but computer crime has become a very important risk that society must face if it would enjoy the ...

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Computer Crime

... causes the be accessed any computer system without authorization... (c) Theft of computer services. A person is guilty of the computer crime o f theft of computer services when he accesses or causes to be accessed or otherwise uses or causes to be used a computer system with the intent to obtain unauthorized computer services. (d) Interruption of computer services. A person is guilty of the computer crime of interruption of computer services when he, without authorization, intentionally or recklessly disrupts or degrades or causes the di ...

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High And Low Displacement Engines

... to the Integra but the Integra has its advantages. It's four cylinder engine can rev up faster because it is smaller and since it is lighter than the Mustang, it does not need all the power and torque that a Mustang have to move it forward. In a speed competition, the Integra would accelerate faster than the Mustang but the Mustang has a larger and stronger engine, which makes it possible for the car to maintain a high speed. In other words, the Integra would win in a 1/4-mile drag race but the Mustang would win in a race that’s long ...

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Fifth Generation Computers

... operating capabilities. It was only around 6 years ago when a 386 DX2 processor was the fastest and most powerful CPU in the market. This processor could do a plethora of small tasks and still not be working to hard. Around 2-3 years ago, the Pentium came out, paving the way for new and faster computers. Intel was the most proficient in this area and came out with a range of processors from 66 MHz-166 Mhz. These processors are also now starting to become obsolete. Todays computers come equipped with 400-600 Mhz processors that can mult ...

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Internet Censorship

... as pornography, bomb and drug formulas, racist pages, and these pages are one hundred percent legal. Pornography is one of the, most if not the most, controversial of all these pages, but there are new ways to fight porn. One of these new programs to fight porn is Net Nanny. This program does not only filter out porn but some of the other inappropriate pages too. If kids are caught using or viewing any inappropriate content the kids are sometimes banned from using the school´s internet (Heller). If the kids keep doing this there will s ...

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Trends In Telecommunications

... of three buildings in Chicago's downtown area. This system, established in 1977, led to wide-scale use of the technology. In 1987, just ten years after the Chicago experiment, numerous telecommunications providers rushed to install light wave systems. The US Sprint network was the first to use a total fiber optic network to traverse the nation. By 1990, AT&T had installed 300 million miles of interexchange light wave networks. The advantages of light wave systems are many and include • freedom from electrical disturbanc ...

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Making Utilities For MS-DOS

... world. But making a computer platform that is a de facto standard should imply a good deal of responsibility before the developers who make applications for that platform. In particular, proper documentation is essential for such a platform. Not providing enough documentation for a system that everyone uses can have disastrous results. Think of it, an operating system is useless by itself, its sole purpose is to provide services to applications. And who would be able to develop applications for an operating system if the documentation for ...

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Notebook Computers

... performance is terrific. Gateway was also on of two laptop vendors this year to earn top scores on our reader survey of service and reliability. The units travel weight is a hefty 9.7 pounds, but battery life was 2:52. The NEC Versa LX is ready for travel at 8.2 pounds: at 1.8 inches thick, it's thin. The battery lasted 2:59, and the unit was a great performer. Other features include a 3.9 GB hard disk and an optional DVD module for $150. Sub-notebooks such as IBM Think Pad 600 packs a high-end punch into a 6.5-pound travel weight, including ...

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... adapters or cards that extend the computer's capabilities. Like , hardware is a collective term. Hardware includes not only the computer proper but also the cables, connectors, power supply units, and peripheral devices such as the keyboard, mouse, audio speakers, and printers. Hardware is sometimes used as a term collectively describing the physical aspects of telephony and telecommunications network infrastructure. is a general term for the various kinds of programs used to operate computers and related devices. (The term hardware descri ...

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AIBO And Robotics

... are also used in monotonous jobs. They are used for manufacturing machines like, spot welders, arc welders, and paint sprayers. Basically, robots are automatic electro-mechanical machines. Most robots are not fully automatic because a human is remotely controlling them using a TV or any other device to get feedback from the robot. Some other devices used to send feedback are radio signals, sonar, optical fiber, and sensors. Powerful computers with Artificial Intelligence programs control robots that are fully automatic. Robots are taught t ...

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... we have the power to access the Internet, talk to other people through terminal programs and retrieve files from other computers. The first patented computer modem was made by Hayes in the early eighties and from there they rapidly developed the first modem speed was 300 baud and from there a 600 baud than 1200 and so on. The fastest modem made today is a 56k which is very fast. Not as fast as ISDN (The Wave offered through Rogers cable) or even as advanced as Satellite modem. Most people now have 14.4 or 28.8 baud (Baud is "Slang" for Bau ...

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