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The Computer

... the credit status of customers, and transfer funds electronically. In homes, tiny computers embedded in the electronic circuitry of most appliances control the indoor temperature, operate home security systems, tell the time, and turn videocassette recorders on and off. Computers in automobiles regulate the flow of fuel, thereby increasing gas mileage. Computers also entertain, creating digitized sound on stereo systems or computer-animated features from a digitally encoded laser disc. Computer programs, or applications, exist to aid every lev ...

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The Anti-Trust Case Against Microsoft

... 1), when the Federal Trade Commission began investigating them for possible violations of the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts,(Maldoom 1) which are designed to stop the formation of monopolies. The investigation continued on for the next three years without resolve, until Novell, maker of DR-DOS, a competitor of Microsoft's MS-DOS, filed a complaint with the Competition Directorate of the European Commission in June of 1993. (Maldoom 1) Doing this stalled the investigations even more, until finally in August of 1993, (Check 1)the Fe ...

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Protecting A Computer

... situation of a oil company or some secret intelligence of the military department. A lot of important information can be found in the memory of computer. So, people may ask a question: Can we make sure that the information in the computer is safe and nobody can steal it from the memory of the computer? Physical hazard is one of the causes of destroying the data in the computer. For example, send a flood of coffee toward a personal computer. The hard disk of the computer could be endangered by the flood of coffee. Besides, human careta ...

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The Y2k Bug

... input the date code by only entering a two digit number (i.e., 60) versus inputting a four digit number (i.e., 1960). The reason they did this was because the amount of computer memory available was very small. As technology progressed, computer programmers still used this antiquated system. They did this not because of the lack of available memory but out of sheer laziness. They used the two-digit system to cut down on the number of keystrokes needed to complete the programming, which helped them complete their task faster. It was disc ...

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Computer Crime 3

... used than the classic way of paper files. It has allowed an increase in speed which improves the production of business or any other activity you may be doing. Calculations can be done in milliseconds and even worldwide connectivity and communication. With the introduction of the computer a new form of crime was born. These crimes referred to as computer crimes are varied and some are a lot more serious than others. Computer crime can involve criminal activities such as theft, fraud, forgery and mischief, all which are easily defined and ...

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Implementing A CAD System TO Reduce Costs

... include study of both customer and competitors systems. Project Scope & Current Evaluation Goals Supported by CAD Initiative: In converting to a completely independent CAD system, there are a few aspects of operation which would be greatly improved. The first of the improvements would be the elimination of paper communication. The need to transfer large drawings using mylars would cease to be, thus helping provide a paper less environment. Another improvement as a result of CAD would be that of achieving much tighter tolerances in building ...

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The History And Development Of Computers

... however, for the next significant advance in computing devices to emerge. In 1642, an 18 year old named Blaise Pascal, invented a numerical wheel calculator. This rectangular box was called a Pascaline. It used eight movable dials to add sums up to eight figures long. Pascal's device used a base of ten to accomplish this. When the ten's dial moved one revolution, the dial representing the hundred's place moved one notch and so on. The drawback to the Pascaline, of course, was its limitation to addition. In 1694, a German mathemat ...

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Computer Piracy

... If you compiled a survey asking people if they knew what computer/software piracy is or whether they have pirated anything, the answer you will most likely get is no. This is becuase most people do not know what computer/software piracy is nor do they understand it if they do. The Software Publisher’s Association defines computer/software piracy as “the unauthorized use or illegal copying of a software product. It occurs in a number of forms, from the sharing of floppy disks to mismanagement of network software licenses and the prod ...

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Snowmachines: How It Started

... there and found that that would not work there was not a person came in when I was there. So I decided to do it on the people that I know who enjpy this same sport. With all of my assumpions done I thought that I new basicly what I would find in my project and so it was off to my first opservation. Finding Out What It Is About In the first observation I was with some friends who were going back and forth about whose machine was the best when right then I thought to my self that both of those machines were very good. Then I discoved w ...

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Computer Security And The Law

... whole or in part? And if in part, for how much? These and related questions are the subject of computer law. The answers may very depending in which state the crime was committed and the judge who presides at the trial. Computer security law is new field, and the legal establishment has yet to reach broad agreement on may key issues. Advances in computer security law have been impeded by the reluctance on the part of lawyers and judges to grapple with the technical side of computer security issues[1]. This problem could be mitigated b ...

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... part. Allowing an employee with a low (R1, or R2) readiness level to telecommute is not likely to result in a positive manner. When an employee has a high readiness level and a definite desire to attempt working in the home, for some reason or another, many factors should be considered. What kind of schedule does the employee feel constitutes telecommuting? Generally speaking, telecommuting is defined as spending at least one day out of a five day work week working in the home. Is one day home enough for the employee? Or, too little? H ...

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The Steam Engine

... specifically brought about a radical change in work, transportation of goods, and travel. The invention of revolutionized European society by enabling tasks to be done quicker, cheaper, and more dependably. use throughout the several professions revolutionized numerous aspects of Western European Society. The first important use of came in 1776. was used to show the Cornish miners how successful it could be in removing the water from the mineshafts. This proved to be of great importance to the Cornish, because one of their bigg ...

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